Peter Bjorn and John; The Besnard Lakes

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Friday, November 23rd brought Swedish indie-pop group Peter Bjorn and John to Warehouse Live. Providing support were Canadian up-and-comers The Besnard Lakes.


Peter Bjorn and John at Warehouse Live 

Upon taking the stage, The Besnard Lakes impressed me with a sound that demonstrated what would happen if Broken Social Scene covered Explosions In The Sky. The 6-piece indie group from Montreal must have decided that they wanted to make me a fan that night, because that’s exactly what happened (look for a CD review of their latest release, The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse, in the near future). They delivered a full sound to the half-filled Warehouse Live before PB&J took the stage.


The Besnard Lakes at Warehouse Live 

Peter Bjorn and John like themselves a lot. Mainly the peanut part of the pb&j. Peter seems thrilled to be in the spotlight, which works out great for him because this is certainly the time to enjoy it. They have had success recently with their self-described Swedish-goth-soul-pop song “Young Folks.” Even Kanye West has sampled the track, and they appeared as his back-up band at the Way Out West festival in Sweden.


Peter Bjorn and John at Warehouse Live 

Peter Bjorn and John’s setup was all black and white with a backdrop that declared in big, bold letters: PETER BJORN AND JOHN BACKDROP. Their bass drum also identified its owners in bold black and white: PETER BJORN AND JOHN BASS DRUM. The group pumped a slowed-down version of “Young Folks” featuring the chorus played on sitar out of the PA to build excitement for their impending entrance. It was the Friday after after Thanksgiving, the first show of their 10-show mini-tour. Coming onstage they made it seem like it was their last show.


Peter Bjorn and John bass drum 

They came out with a rocking “Let’s Call It Off” after the intro and continued into their set with many of the tracks from their recent Writer’s Block LP. “Young Folks” featured their gothic soundman on bongos, which resulted in many creepy non-flash pictures. “The Object Of My Affection” held as my anthem for the night featuring some of the best vocals from any of my recently acquired albums. Another interesting note is that PB&J definitely noticed the ridiculous number of drunk Greeks making their wookie noises at the front of the crowd. This did not stop them from doing their thing. Peter finished the set by jumping in the press pit for a little face time with the front rows.


Peter's fans love him almost as much as he loves himself. 

After the short set and the two song encore, Peter Bjorn and John proved that they are not just some one-hit wonder. They have an undeniable stage presence that shines in front of the ever-expanding crowds at their shows. Hopefully the future will bring bright things for the three Swedes. Overall the best part about the show was seeing these Houston kids singing more than just that damn whistle song.

Eggs’ Rating: 8.0/10 Yolks: For an frat-boy-bashing, Swedish-gothic, indie-rockin’ time!

Here is “Amsterdam” by Peter Bjorn and John at Warehouse Live in Houston on 11/23/07:



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