The Video Omelette: Dec 31, 2007

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Here is a special New Year’s edition of the Video Omelette. It is the final VO of the year, so I decided to bring out some fireworks (and bucket drummers?). New Years Eve is always good times with friends and family. It is also a great time to check out some of your favorite bands. New Years shows are notorious for being long, fun and full of surprises when the new year hits. Here are some of my favorite bands pulling out all the stops for their own New Year’s Eve celebration.

Grateful Dead – New Year’s 1985/1986

The Grateful Dead always happened to add performance art to their performances. This time around they decided to bring out Bill Graham as ‘Mr New Years’ on top of a huge cake featuring massive cartoon style heads that Ken Kesey hilariously describes in his commentary. This is a pretty fun video!



NYC Bucket Drummer – New Year’s 2004/2005

Why Not? This guy performs with some gusto. The best part of this video is when he jumps up completely pissed off at the crowd that is kicking around his money bucket. “Respect my shit, put money in my shit!”



White Stripes and The Flaming Lips – New Year’s 2004/2005

Wayne Coyne makes this video. From wiping fake blood all over Jack White’s shirt, to his non-sensible megaphone lyrics on “Seven Nation Army.” Jack and Meg make it a pretty good video too.



Widespread Panic – New Year’s 2005/2006

This is the video that Widespread Panic played to count down their New Year’s celebration in 2005. It features Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Mooninites doing the countdown with some rocking guitar. After the countdown they jump into their own version of Panic’s “Porch Song” featuring Dave Schools as a creature from Hell. It’s good times.



Jeff Mangum – “Engine”

This video features the front man of Neutral Milk Hotel doing a nice rendition of one of their rarities. I especially enjoy the saw solo about a minute in to the video.



Phish – New Year’s 1999/2000

Phish brought 85,000 people with them for this Millennium celebration. Here is the countdown, “Auld Lang Syne” and “Down With Disease” which was the start to their marathon midnight to sunrise set.