Songs of the Week Vol. 6

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Ever wake up in a reggae/Swedish folk-singer-songwriter/hip-hop/Southern rock sort of mood? Us too!

Check out this week’s selections:

Doughnut: Atmosphere – Crewed Up
Eggs: Jens Lekman – A Postcard to Nina
Cereal: My Morning Jacket – Wordless Chorus
Toast: Jah Roots – Good Highs

–Breakfast On Tour

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Happy Birthday to Me

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ATO Records announced today that My Morning Jacket (who I featured in my contribution to this week’s spotlight songs) will be playing the Verizon Wireless Theater in Houston on March 10 with another of my favorite bands, Yo La Tengo. I’ve been hankering for another MMJ show after catching their set at ACL last year, and I’ve been a big fan of Yo La Tengo’s genre-bending music ever since they wowed me at a Warehouse Live gig I hadn’t even planned to attend (TV on the Radio were playing the same night; Eggs and I flipped a coin and wound up at Yo La Tengo). So, thank you, ATO Records, for the wonderful birthday gift. It runs a very close second to the feline bundle of joy that Eggs is giving me.

(…Did I really just thank Dave Matthews? Dammit.)

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Sia – some people have REAL problems

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Aussie pop singer Sia released her new album, some people have REAL problems, on January 8th.

Get Cereal’s take on the album after the jump



Sia Furler is a little odd. But part of her charm (at least for me) is in the fact that she is so quirky. The outer cover of her new album features a picture of her with multi-colored scribbles on her face, gripping a bundle of markers as if they’re a magical microphone she’s using to communicate with an unseen audience. Instead of the usual lyrics and/or artist photos found in most album liner notes, Sia opted to showcase fan artwork. She held a competition through her website, chose the 14 submissions she liked the most, and made them ‘postcards’. They’re mostly crude drawings, and they’re all a little kooky — my fave is the one picked to represent “Death by Chocolate”; it depicts a fanged chocolate bar shooting what appears to be an indie kid. Step a little further into Sia’s technicolor world by visiting her website, There, in addition to the ubiquitous band music player, you can dress Sia in (among other things) a poncho, sombrero & mustache, an Elvis outfit, or a Superman costume and watch her stretch, jump, and dance (if that’s what you want to call it) along to her tracks. If you’re still not convinced that Sia is a little…out there, check out this video for “Buttons”, one of the bonus tracks from some people have REAL problems.

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Moses Guest – January 5, 2008

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Moses Guest delivered Breakfast On Tour’s first live music experience of 2008 on Saturday, January 5 at the Continental Club. We’d never caught this Houston-based Southern rock/jam band before, and were unprepared for what we encountered upon entering the venue: complete chaos. Okay, not really, but it was definitely more crowded than we’d ever seen the place.

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The Video Omelette: Jan 10, 2008

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As you can tell, I am extremely excited about the initial artist announcement for this year’s festival. It should be fun to see who else is added over the next couple of months. This week my Video Omelette features some of the bands that I am most excited for on the 2008 line-up.

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