Moses Guest – January 5, 2008

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Moses Guest delivered Breakfast On Tour’s first live music experience of 2008 on Saturday, January 5 at the Continental Club. We’d never caught this Houston-based Southern rock/jam band before, and were unprepared for what we encountered upon entering the venue: complete chaos. Okay, not really, but it was definitely more crowded than we’d ever seen the place.


Moses Guest certainly have a solid following in their hometown. The Continental Club was overflowing with a generation-spanning crowd — baby boomers and Generation Yers alike danced in front of the stage, mingled in the billiards area, and puffed away on the back patio. The band didn’t disappoint with their jazz- and funk-influenced jams–Graham Guest & co. kept the audience grooving and the energy level high throughout their performance.



Frontman Graham founded the band in 1995 and named it after his fifth-generation grandfather; the current lineup has been in place since 1998. The quartet won the Houston Press Music Award for Best Rock/Pop Band in 2001, and they’ve shared the stage with acts like String Cheese Incident, Leftover Salmon, and moe. They released a new album, Best Laid Plans, in July 2007. This most recent studio effort serves up more tracks featuring their forays into the realms of reggae, pop, classic rock, and country.



Moses Guest’s live performance features Graham’s philosophy-tinged lyrics complemented by the genre-shifting music produced by bassist Jeremy Horton, keyboardist Rick Thompson, and drummer James Edwards. The result is quite pleasing to the ear and decidedly danceable. If jam bands are your thing–or even if they aren’t–I recommend that you check these guys out next time they’re in your area.

To get a taste of Moses Guest’s sound, watch this video captured by Eggs at the show:




Cereal’s rating: 8/10 Lucky Charms marshmallows. I’ll definitely be catching them again soon, hopefully without a huge camera bag in tow, so that I’ll actually be able to dance instead of just lumbering around and bumping into people.

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