Trampled By Turtles @ Knickerbockers

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Trampled By Turtles @ Knickerbockers
Dave Carroll and Dave Simonett of Trampled By Turtles

Sometimes the weather in Nebraska can change almost instantly. One minute you’re wearing shorts, the next you’re in thermals, chattering your teeth under a mound of blankets. This was definitely the case this past weekend, as it seems to be every time Duluth, MN natives Trampled By Turtles (TBT) make their way to the Star City. I spent most of Saturday in bed, recuperating from an extended booze-induced festival that had kicked off for no reason other than it was the weekend. Finally, no day job! Pulp Fiction and Friday were my best friends, as I took myself back a few years enjoyed a lazy day. But when I finally got moving at about 6pm, I found out that it had been about 60 degrees all day, and I’d missed it! I In a moment of extreme optimism, I hoped to be greeted by similar weather the following day as TBT made their way into Lincoln to take over the stage at Knickerbockers on December 14, 2008.

No such luck with the weather. The high on Sunday wound up being about 10 degrees with a severe wind advisory (bet you Texas folks haven’t even heard of that). Oh well, when it comes down to it, everyone will stay plenty warm shaking their asses to some traditional bluegrass, right? At least they are from Minnesota and are used to the cold, I suppose.

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