Hot Chip – “One Life Stand”

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If there was one thing that excited me leading into the new year, it was the thought that Hot Chip were set to release a new LP in the first quarter. I’ve only had the chance to see the British electro-wierdo’s once before, and I had the best time of my life getting down to their set. Their last LP, Made In The Dark, is my go-to album for inciting a dance party, and has been one of my most spun discs since its release in 2008. Just yesterday, the fine folks at EMI sent me an advanced copy of Hot Chip’s upcoming release, One Life Stand, set for a February 1st shelving. After first listen, I’m already stuck, and can see this one winding up as one of my top album’s of 2010. With the album, they also sent over a link to the latest video for their first single, “One Life Stand.” The music is great, but I can’t get enough of video, and its cheesy 80’s feel. It finds them jamming out in a green striped room centered with a spinning 360° camera and surrounded by a bunch of spirals added in for a heightened cheese factor. I want to hang out with these guys some day – on psychedelic drugs.

Hot Chip have only announced a handful of dates in the U.S. so far, but one of those is a highly coveted slot at the 2010 edition of Coachella. Hopefully, if the stars align, I’ll be able to traverse the southwest all the way to the California desert to take in that set, along with a whole bunch more stellar offerings over the course of the three day event. If not, they better freaking come to Houston!

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