On The Road With… The Sour Notes: The Last Mile

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I should have posted this a couple days ago, as The Sour Notes finished their tour a while ago, but I”m finally getting to it. The final post from the “On The Road” series finds the band leaving New York City, and headed home with stops in Nashville, Fayetteville and the final tour stop in Dallas. This time Eric Morales feeds us the intro, but the closing words belong to frontman Jared Boulanger, as he recaps his time on the road. Thanks to The Sour Notes for being my guinea pigs in the first of (hopefully!) many “On The Road” series to come. You guys provided some excellent coverage over the past few weeks!

Thank you, Sour Notes, for letting me tag along. And, thank you BOT, for sharing this experience with the world. It was an experience I will not soon forget. Especially since I am going to spend the next month reviewing video footage and still images of the entire tour…

We close the tour with a few words from Jared, as he recaps some earlier experiences and takes us quickly through the end of the tour. This ending is fitting. The tour ended abruptly, as Travis pointed out, with no solemn goodbyes. What else can be expected from six people who just spent ten very intimate days in a van and arrive home at nearly 5am? Everyone just wanted to find his or her own bed.

Within the first two days of having arrived back in Austin, there have been several positive album reviews, The Sour Notes have been asked to play Stubb”s, and the Austin Chronicle is sending a photographer out on Saturday to take some photos that will accompany a write-up on The Sour Notes. Jared and I are also planning for a music video and some live video performances . So even though the tour in support of 2010″s “It”s Not Gonna Be Pretty” album has ended, the Sour Notes have simply reached, yet, another new beginning.







Don”t be fooled by the dining-Sour-majority!!! Pete”s Grill though delicious, could use one less waitress on staff. Being not “that” hungry at the time, Amarah and I decided to split a jumbo burger & fries combo which we were informed would cost an extra three bucks just for sharing. They said customers weren”t allowed to share, even though we both had already bought diet coke and coffee… Who has ever heard of this in their life? Especially when we stroll into their somewhat empty establishment with 6 people to eat and give them money… Then during our meal, even though we were attended to promptly… I couldn”t help but notice a little passive aggressiveness and upon receiving the bill not only were we charged the $3 extra plate fee, but she had separated the burger and fries combo and charged us as individual items to make more money…….

She got no tip.

We later visit the cemetery where Edgar Allen Poe is buried, then drive to Amarah”s friend Megan”s apartment in Washington, DC in the snow to crash… as in sleep. The next day, I wake up to a parking ticket for $115 and after a brief breakfast, we hit the road to New York as I drift off to sleep in the back seat… Note: this marks Chris” second time to drive… the first being a flat tire two nights before. I wake up 4 hours later somewhere in a mountainous region of the North East to people in the van talking about the GPS navigation system leading us astray…. Turns out we”ve been driving West the whole time instead of North to NYC. After programming our new, correct route to NYC, we are expected to arrive about 15 minutes before we actually play at the Cake Shop, missing all of the other bands on the bill. This is saddening, because we had been building up this show as the one we were gonna party and enjoy ourselves at.

When we arrive at Cake Shop on the Lower East Side, the place is packed and ready for our arrival as the previous band SUSU from Brooklyn are loading off stage. There are trippy video projections by Vid Kidz Zach & Melanie all over the walls and ceiling. We load on stage to rock just in time!!! Loads of photographers are in the crowd snapping pics and the crowd is really interactive with us. Definitely the best show on tour, again!!! New York is always a treat for us… though we”ve only played there twice, the previous year at Union Hall, it”s already our favorite place to play. Afterwards we load out and greeted by another parking ticket for $115. I <3 NY. Later that night, the left headlight goes out on the van and everyone stays in different areas of New York and we make plans to wake up early to “make a day of it” tomorrow…

Tomorrow comes… I drive to the Met in hopes of seeing the Tim Burton exhibit, but end up driving in circles for 2 hours looking for parking nearby. Nearing exhaustion, we give up and look for some kind of auto parts store for a new headlight before it gets dark….

It gets dark quick.

The GPS takes us to an Auto Zone in Queens that doesn”t exist anymore, but after a “human” effort, we find our headlight and re-group to split up the 14-hour drive to Nashville. I take the first shift and continue driving till about 4am till I start swerving and we get a hotel somewhere in Staunton, (I dunno what state that”s in).

The next day, we help ourselves to the continental breakfast and head to Nashville to play the 5 Spot. The only thing I remember about this show is that Natalie Prass is fucking awesome and the 5 Spot has a good hummus and pita bowl. Later we stay with her guitar player Kyle (also of Madi Diaz) and we gaze at his collection of thrift store art paintings.

The next day, we wake up to another flat tire and end up having to replace it, instead of just patching it. Shitty. I must say we were a sad looking bunch sitting all over the floor of a Firestone repair shop in silence. We are unsure of making our next show in Fayetteville, AR on time, but try to keep spirits high and keep on truckin”…



We arrive once again at the Smoke & Barrel Tavern minutes before our scheduled set, but you can”t complain when it”s a full house!!! That night also marked the last show for Row Zero (who are good friends of mine, following us on tour for many of our stops). We drink the night away and crash at Reed”s house from the Memphis Pencils.

The next day, we drive to Dallas to play our last show on tour with friends The Demigs. Note to bands: Don”t play The Lounge on Elm Street. We received no drink tickets, we were poured weak drinks on top of that, then got stiffed on our “guaranteed” show money. No Climax. Since we aren”t really in a celebration type mood, we grab some drive-thru and play the “Name-Game” all the way home to Austin.

We arrive home at 4:30am. The van is trashed. The bed feels nice.


Hopefully The Sour Notes had a good time on their trek – by the looks of it, it was quite the experience! As soon as Eric Morales finishes with their full length tour doc, we”ll be posting it here for all to enjoy.


Until then, good job Sour Notes!