Wilco | “Country Disappeared” on La Blogotheque

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It’s been a while since we posted anything about Chicago alt-country rockers Wilco, but thanks to French music vlog La Blogotheque, we now have some new content from Tweedy and the gang. Videographer Vincent Moon made his way to Montreal where Wilco were set to perform a gig later in the evening, and recorded the band going through a stripped-down version of their “Country Disappeared.” I’ve been hoping Wilco would meet Vincent Moon Derrick Belcham, and it finally happened. I would’ve loved to see them do one of Moon’s famous Take-Away shows, where bands take to the streets to perform unique two or three songs sets in different parts of the city they are in, but this will definitely suffice. Damn, I love this band!

Hopefully Wilco makes it to Houston again sometime soon, and when that happens, let’s pray that Cereal won’t get in a chick fight and have to poor a beer on some rude girls head.

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