Passion Pit @ Warehouse Live

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So last Saturday I went to a ridiculous pool party in the orbital center of the known universe – Anahuac. After an incredible day of meatz, booze, swimming, and music, I stepped on a broken beer bottle and slit the shit out of my heel. Hence the theme for Thursday’s Passion Pit show: dance until your feet bleed. I wasn’t the only one with that mindset; the crowd was one of the best I’ve ever seen at Warehouse and absolutely embraced the band’s energy. Passion Pit will move your body and mind to do things that you might not otherwise, and, if that isn’t the best endorsement for a band, I don’t know what is. Last year, they filled the Studio with eager fans, and it was amazing to see that their momentum has built to the point that they could PACK the Ballroom less than a year later. Friends of BoT janteeboys, festmark007, alybeegee, and greeneyeris got some killer videos of the show, check them out along with ours after the jump. Photos are soon to follow.

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The Constellations @ Wakarusa 2010

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The Constellations @ Wakarusa 2010Words by HashBrowns. Photos by Café con Leche.

“I know you like to dance, let’s get into it — you only got one life to live.” Cafe con Leche and I were about to depart the Revival Tent when Elijah Jones [lead vocals] tried to rouse the afternoon-napping sweat-drenched crowd. I remember being slowly drawn back to the stage like a bee to honey. Like Polyphonic Spree or Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, The Constellations were fully in love with entertaining. All 8 members – most notably Jones and Jamie Gordon [keys] – had more energy than any artist the entire weekend. It was unfortunate they were mid-day, because the fans had no love, despite Jones trying to implore them to “get the fuck up.” Read the full review of my favorite Waka-surprise after the jump.

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ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) @ Wakarusa 2010

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ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) @ Wakarusa 2010

Music is good for the soul. And the ALO set at Wakarusa was just what my soul needed. There was a big crowd at the Revival Tent waiting for them, so when Dave Brogan’s drums started “Man of The World” (the title track of their new album) it gave cue for what would be a big sing-along. The set was a great mix of old favorites and new material. Songs like “Walls of Jericho,” “Wasting Time,” and “Try” are some of the must-know ALO songs; the smiles all over the audience made that evident to those seeing ALO for the first time. The rest of the review and photos after the break.

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Wakarusa 2010 :: Friday

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Wakarusa Main Stage and Campgrounds
Words and photo by B “Café con Leche” Gutierrez.

I had been looking forward to this Friday for quite a while. One of my favorite bands was set to play that afternoon and BoT was given some time to interview them. HashBrowns was the one in charge of the interview, while I had to wait outside the building. Forty-five minutes later she came out with a story completely different to what I expected — their flight had been delayed, so they probably weren’t going to make it in time for the interview. I was bummed, but we were also missing out on some good music, so we started walking. But just as we were headed downhill towards the stages, the guys of ALO got out of their van and we got to meet them. So far, that was the highlight of my day, until I got to hear their set.

But I know you want to hear more about the music. Friday at Wakarusa was a fun day. The type of music set for Friday was quite different from Thursday. The festival’s atmosphere was still relaxed and easy, even though a new wave of Wakarusians arrived that day to stay for the weekend. Read on for Fridays’s line-up after the break.

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Josh Ritter @ Granada

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josh ritterWords by Michael “Grits” Smith. Photos by Anna “HashBrowns” Vernon.

Josh Ritter is the Richard Simmons of indie-folk music. He is sprightly, afro’ed with an ever present grin, and constantly skipping giddily around the stage. And from the moment the vintage, cartoon-proportioned incandescents that were part of Mr. Ritter’s theatrical stage get-up illuminated the stage at the Granada, the singer songwriter had the entire audience captivated like children watching a Disney sing-along.

Tuesday night at Granada consisted of 26 songs from the talented Mr. Ritter’s catalogue. Josh’s music certainly pays homage to many notable vintage songwriters, from Neil Young and Simon & Garfunkel, all the way to Springsteen and Tom Waits, but keeps tempo with many contemporaries, such as Death Cab and the Decemberists. Backed by a band sporting mostly turn-of-the-19th-century-bartender garb (who had no trouble keeping up with the skippy front man), Ritter drifted from dreamy sounding folk, to back-beated, up-tempo rock, and into his own brand of (what can I can only think to label as) forest-folk. Read the rest of the review after the jump.

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