A Conversation With… Joseph Israel

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A Conversation With... Joseph Israel
Photo by B “Café con Leche” Gutierrez.

Joseph Israel wrapped up his tour in Fayetteville, AR. His last show was at George’s Majestic Lounge on Sunday, July 11th. He took a few minutes to answer some questions for BOT before he hit the stage that night along The Jerusalem Band. Check out the conversation after the break and stay tuned for a photo review of his show at George’s.

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Ween – A Tear for Eddie @ Camp Bisco 9

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This past weekend, a major music festival took place: LCD Soundsystem, Raekwon, and Major Lazer all played. No, I’m not talking about Pitchfork… I’m talking about Camp Bisco 9, a surprisingly more-than-decent festival in Mariaville, NY built around a surprisingly less-than-decent band: The Disco Biscuits. Before any Biscuit kids jump down my throat, know that I’ve tried, I really have, and it just isn’t my thing. I respect the hell out of what they’ve done with the Camp Bisco lineup though, and I’m pretty sure I’d have guilty fun seeing the Biscuits live. Throw together another lineup like this year’s, and I might have to make the trip.

This year’s Camp featured Gift of Gab, Caribou, Girl Talk, Talib Kweli, Meth + Ghost + Rae, Thievery Corporation, RAQ, Holy Fuck, LCD Soundsystem, Diplo (both solo and with Major Lazer), and, best of all, Ween. Check out a video of Deaner ripping up “A Tear for Eddie,” his tribute to P-funk’s Eddie Hazel, below. And to all you Pitchfork hipsters… wise up and Hail the Boognish!

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Colin Hay @ Granada Theater

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Colin HayWords by Ross “Flapjacks” Freauf. Photos by Anna “HashBrowns” Vernon.

First off, I’m a Scrubs fan and yes, I loved 2 of 3 Zach Braff movies. (sidenote: I am straight) Featured on his platinum selling, Grammy Award winning soundtrack Garden State, Zach re-ignited the career of former front-man of Men at Work, Colin Hay. On Sunday, July 11, Mr. Hay wrapped up his American Sunshine tour at Dallas’ own Granada Theater.

Candle lit tables filled the concert hall with patrons sitting and waiting patiently for the man “From a Land Down Under.” Colin took the stage wearing a shirt that looked as if he may have had it made from Napoleon Bonaparte’s bed sheets. He started off the show with a hit from his latest release Prison Time. After the first song I had no idea it would be 10 minutes until the next. Worthy of a stand-up comedy tour, Hay would go on to tell stories of his life growing up in Scotland, moving to Australia, smoking weed, Men At Work, smoking more weed, sitcom songs, and even havingSir Paul McCartney do his dishes. The stories were hilarious. I laughed, I cried, I hurled. I attribute the last one to the Mexican food I had prior to the show. Read on >

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A Conversation With… Andy Frasco

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A Conversation With... Andy Frasco
Photo by B “Café con Leche” Gutierrez.

Andy Frasco made his way back to Fayetteville, AR one more time before he goes into the studio to work on his next album. I was able to catch up with him for a few minutes before his show at George’s Majestic Lounge on July 11th. We talked about his new album, his experience opening for Jakob Dylan on June 23rd and about the music business for the independent artist. Read about our conversation after the break.

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Mates of State @ Granada

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Mates of StateWords by Melissa “Sausage” Cox. Photos by Anna “HashBrowns” Vernon.


Lovers of all things breakfast, I would like to introduce you to our new staff writer, Melissa “Sausage” Cox. Melissa is originally from Baytown but is enjoying Dallas to the extreme. We’re honored to have you join the musical melee, Sausage. –HashBrowns

Mates of State produces sugar-pop, harmonic melodies that I always put on when I want to be in a good mood. Not only is their music feel-good, but their story is too. The duo, made up of Kori Garner and Jason Hammel, met and played music together because they loved it, and, as such stories go, they fell in love and got married. Their first album was released 10 years ago, so the crowd at the Granada was quite a mixture of young and old, hipster and regular music lovers, and a little heavy on the females.

The night opened with a performance from a magician, which I sadly missed, even though I’m told it wasn’t very good. I also only caught the last 30 seconds or so of Free Energy, the opening band. I made my way down to the front for the show.

Mates of State’s beginning albums featured just the two of them in their drum/keyboard set-up. Their last few albums have a more robust sound with more instruments, so, for their live shows, they have two other people tour with them; one plays guitar and the other an assortment of instruments.

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