Tom Waits | Step Right Up, 1977

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I re-watched one of my favorite movies last night, Coffee and Cigarettes, with one of my favorite people. As the title belies, the film is a series of vignettes centered on two of the oldest complementary vices. Some of the better scenes revolve around musicians, be it Jack and Meg White discussing a Tesla coil, the RZA and the GZA giving medical advice to Bill Murray, or Iggy Pop and Tom Waits awkwardly interacting over an excuse-laden cigarette. The scene with Tom Waits got me on a bit of a Waits-centric youtube kick, and I came across a performance that is, quite frankly, the epitome of cool: a 1977 performance of “Step Right Up” recorded in West Germany. Pour a cup of coffee, light up a cig, and enjoy.