Mavis Staples & Jeff Tweedy “Wrote A Song For Everyone”

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In honor of Jeff Tweedy‘s 43rd birthday, I decided to post something Wilco related, but came across this little gem first. With Tweedy set to produce legendary soul singer Mavis Staples, they’ve had plenty of time to collaborate and have some fun. Staples, whom can out sing pretty much anyone I’ve ever seen live, shines in the following video which finds her covering the Creedence Clearwater Revival tune “Wrote A Song For Everyone” backed by Tweedy on acoustic guitar and vocals. It’s a great version of the song, ever so soulful with Staples at the helm. Tweedy, although he had been working with Staples and had become friends with her for some time, still seems as if he’s starstruck in her presence – as he should be!

I’m excited to see what Tweedy does on the production side of the business. I know he’s had a heavy hand in the job on all Wilco records, but it’ll be nice to see his vision through someone elses work – especially someone as storied and as talented as Staples. The album is due out September 14th, so we don’t have to wait too long.

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