Drive-by Truckers – “Drag the Lake Charlie” webisode

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Tomorrow, Houston temporarily gets even more badass, from the moment the Drive-by Truckers cross into our city limits till the moment they leave. You’ve got two chances to check out one of the hardest-working bands in the business, who over the course of 14 years have carved out a reputation as some of the best songwriters and performers in alt-country. Their three-guitar blitzkrieg is now supplemented by keyboardist Jay Gonzalez, who joined the band prior to the recording of their latest album, The Big To-Do. As part of the promotion for the record, the band released webisodes explaining either the lyrical or musical origins of most of the songs. Check out the webisode for my favorite song off of it, “Drag the Lake Charlie,” and head to Cactus tomorrow at 3:30 and House of Blues tomorrow night. Snag your tickets here!

I love that the DBT’s are forming relationships in the jam world… almost as much as I love the lyric: “I’m almost out of Valium, courage, and self-respect.”