Danielle Ate The Sandwich @ The Hotel Cafe | Los Angeles, CA

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Danielle Ate The Sandwich @ The Hotel Cafe

Words and Photos by B “Café con Leche” Gutierrez.

Danielle Ate The Sandwich was one of the acoustic acts featured at The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA on Monday, Oct. 11. That night I suffered what we’ll call acoustic O.D. and I had to make a run for my sanity after I had a bit too much of a good thing with the act after Danielle Ate The Sandwich (DATS). To be fair, I won’t mention that band’s name, since they were not the act I was there to review. But they were horrible.
So, back to the good stuff. DATS is a one-woman show (at least that night.) Danielle Anderson is a singer/songwriter from Colorado. From YouTube to her first professional studio album Two Bedroom Apartment, she delivers beautiful songs about her every day life.

Her one-hour set at The Hotel Cafe was nice. Her music is mellow, but her personality filled the room and made the set a breeze. Her witty comments and stories in between songs made me laugh. She started out her set with the song “17 and 53,” from her new album. She covered “Dream A Little Dream of Me” and went into a mix of her own material.

She started out playing the guitar and then learned to play the ukulele. She told a great story about her “cheap guitar” and how she tried to pawn it and no one would take it. I’m glad she kept it, because it’ll take her far. She played at this year’s Mile High Music Festival. Expect to hear more of her in the future, and not only on YouTube .

Setlist: 17 and 53 > Fool > El Paso > Dream A Little Dream of Me > Goodbye Frankie > Where the Good Ones Go > Soldier > We Are Hot Dogs > American Dream

Later, loves.
– Café con Leche (@BOTcafe)

Danielle Ate The Sandwich @ The Hotel Cafe