My New Favorite Band: Ancient Cat Society

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My musical ventures generally drift towards the outer Houston area, but now and again I fall in love with a project born and bred in my own backyard. I’ve certainly touted Houston/La Porte alt-country(?) group Buxton quite a bit here on BOT, so when any side project of the group I love so dear and near pops up, I’m immediately attracted. Recently, I was at the mink hamming it up with Sergio Trevino and Haley Barnes from Buxton, and they were on and on about their newest collaboration dawned the Ancient Cat Society. They couldn’t stopped joking about what could be from the duo, including new wave and punk rock, but decided they’d be best off sticking with the folk theme.

They’ve now sprouted into a legit act, augmented by the multi-talented Austin Sepulvado, and have a quality video (multi-angled at that!) to prove it. I can’t get enough of this trio, and hope to eventually catch them live as soon as possible. It’s a new, simpler take on Sergio’s lyricism, with Haley shining as vocalist – this project allowing her vocals to stand out rather than support as her role in Buxton showcases. Check out the video of the trio performing their tune “Mary Frances” at Rudyard’s last week…

Haley, you still owe me that dance!