Voodoo Experience 2010: Friday in Preview

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It’s BoT Christmas!!!! Voodoo Fest is upon us yet again, and our 5th year in attendance is sure to be an eventful one. We’re older, slightly wiser, and a helluva lot more in need of a New Orleans weekend to break up the responsibilities of quasi-adulthood. For reasons both sentimental and musical, this is our favorite festival of the year – it’s our goddamn Constant.

Friday looks to be one of the best days of the entire festival, with Weezer, Metric, Hot Chip, Jonsi and a whole lot of Stanton freakin’ Moore. My Friday preview hits the high points of the 29th, but it’s bound to omit some great stuff – so be sure to explore, and let us know about who you’re excited to see in the comments. See you in New Orleans.

Stanton Moore Trio with Anders Osborne and Robert Walter ::: 2:15 pm ::: Preservation Hall

Stanton Moore is my favorite drummer to watch perform. Yeah… I said it… sorry Fishman. He is the de-facto leader of every band that he graces the stage with, due to his commanding presence, metronome-like precision, and ability to effortlessly blend his funky percussive dominance into any genre. Joining him onstage will be two of New Orleans’ finest musicians: Anders Osborne on guitar and vox and Robert Walter on keys. Anders Osborne has made a name for himself as one of the best songwriters in the Crescent City (killer beard, too), and Robert Walter has long stood among the top echelon of keyboard players, particularly through his work with the Greyboy Allstars and Robert Walter’s 20th Congress. This combination of singular talents is not to be missed.




Eli “Paperboy” Reed and the True Loves ::: 3:30 pm ::: Sony Make.Believe Stage

Eli Reed has The Voice. You know – the one that has previously passed through the likes of Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, and Wilson Pickett. His look and his music are vintage too; he and his band, the True Notes, could have stepped right out of a 1950’s juke joint. Don’t miss the lesser gender’s answer to Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings.


Dead Confederate ::: 4:30 pm ::: Voodoo Stage

Athens, GA has spawned a steady stream of legitimately good alt-rockers for as long as I’ve been alive. Dead Confederate is the latest to climb to the top of that musical heap, and have drawn comparisons ranging from My Morning Jacket to the Drive-by Truckers. Their darker edge will serve as a nice break between the more uplifting sounds of Eli Reed and Jonsi.


Jonsi ::: 5:30 pm ::: Sony Make.Believe Stage

With Sigur Rós on hiatus for the year, lead singer Jonsi’s solo work will have to fill the Icelandic void in our musical lives. The good news… it’s AMAZING. His album Go has grown on me quicker than anything that his band ever put out. The fact that he sings in English helps, as does the album’s incredibly warm and inventive arrangements. It will be really interesting to see how this translates live, but, if any of the videos I’ve watched are an indicator, we are in for something near-magical.


Metric ::: 6:30 pm ::: Voodoo Stage

We move from Iceland to Canada for our next talented subset of a larger band: Metric. Emily Haines and James Shaw are perhaps better known for their work with Broken Social Scene, but they’ve separated themselves from that bloated-but-excellent pack after four albums and a good bit of road warriordom. Emily Haines is a goddess, too – so we’re set to enjoy plenty of eye-candy as well as ear-candy.


Weezer ::: 7:45 pm ::: Sony Make.Believe Stage

Oh Weezer… I don’t hate you for never living up to your earlier greatness; instead, I appreciate the fact that you’re still the impetus for endless spontaneous group sing-alongs. Unfortunately, this show doesn’t fall under the banner of their upcoming Blue/Pinkerton double-night tour – but surely we can expect the band to play plenty from those two albums along with the choicest of their newer cuts. Getcha elementary school on.


Hot Chip ::: 7:45 pm ::: Le Plur

This is my first planned foray to the new dance-centric Le Plur stage/tent(?), though I may check out a bit of Kaskade if Dead Confederate disappoints. Hot Chip’s hooky, eccentric, and eminently danceable tunes may even be enough to get me to skip most of Weezer, especially if Eggs has anything to do with it. This set has the potential to be as good as Justice’s was last year, and that’s saying a LOT.


Galactic with Cyrill Neville and Corey Henry ::: 8:30 pm ::: Soco/WWOZ Stage

I plan on ending my Friday the same way I started it, grooving to Stanton Moore’s syncopation. This time it’ll be with the kings of New Orleans: Galactic. A finer group of musicians has nary been assembled, and when you throw in percussionist/vocalist Cyril Neville and trombonist Corey Henry, the assembled talent becomes too much to pass up. This one will be a funksplosion of a dance party, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see other guests come out to pay homage to the kings.

It’s gonna be Wednesday night before I get my Saturday and Sunday previews up, but stay tuned for more previews and full coverage of the weekend. Cannot… wait… for… Lafitte’s.