Voodoo Experience 2010: Saturday in Preview

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Voodoo Experience 2009

Saturday’s lineup doesn’t give me too many reasons to get excited, but I’ve never had a bad day at Voodoo – so I fully expect to come away pleasantly surprised. Honestly, I’m a little more excited about Saturday night in the Quarter, which will be insane due to the confluence of Steelers/Saints fans, Voodoo attendees, early Halloween revelers, and redneck hippies in town for Widespread Panic. There are some definite highlights of the fest, though, with sets from The Whigs, Crystal Method, Die Antwoord,the Street Sweeper Social Club (which features Tom Morello and Boots Riley), and of course, Ozzy.

River City Extension ::: 3:00 pm ::: Voodoo Stage

New Jersey 8-piece River City Extension are our Saturday motivation to get out to City Park at a semi-reasonable hour. The combination of world-music infused folk rock and highly personal lyrics about religion, loneliness, and boozahol will hopefully be enough to shake our Weezy drank hangovers off. Throw in a whole lot of chicory coffee and we should be good to go.





The Whigs ::: 4:00 pm ::: Sony Make.Believe Stage

Like Friday act Dead Confederate, The Whigs also sprang from the fertile musical soils of Athens, GA. They’re fresh off a tour with The Black Keys and Kings of Leon, and have hopefully been influenced by both. Look forward to a fierce live show full of meaty garage rock with ever-so-slight hints of twang.



Basin Street Records Review ::: 5:00 pm ::: SOCO/WWOZ Stage

I’m going to head over to the SOCO stage for a bit of New Orleans jazz after The Whigs, since the combination of trumpetist Kermit Ruffins, clarinetist Dr. Michael White, and trumpetist Jeremy Davenport should result in a tasty throwback to New Orleans of old. I’m also nurturing a fantasy of David Simon being in attendance, to check out his Treme star in action.







Die Antwoord ::: 6:15 pm ::: Le Plur

South African hip-hop group Die Antwoord has already taken over the interweb, and are in the process of taking over America too, as they’re in the middle of their largest U.S. tour to date. They’ll bring their Zef stylings and boisterous personas to the still-mysterious Le Plur stage/tent, and we’ll let you Houstonians who are attending their Monday show but are missing Voodoo know how they translate live.


Crystal Method DJ Set ::: 7:15 pm ::: Le Plur

Dance pants time. Why not push up after Die Antwoord to carve out a good piece of earth close to the stage where the hugest electronic duo in America will soon be performing? Seems like a good plan to me. Slight bummer that it’s just a DJ set, because I would love to see them destroy on some synthesizers.



Street Sweeper Social Club ::: 8:00 pm ::: Sony Make.Believe Stage

The combination of Rage Against the Machine’s Tom Morello and The Coup’s Boots Riley is an explosive one. Eggs and I caught them at SXSW earlier this year, and the band performs with the same energy and urgency that their previous musical endeavors are renowned for. Their album doesn’t work for me AT ALL, but I absolutely loved them live – so don’t be deterred if you were similarly underwhelmed by their studio effort.



Ozzy Osbourne ::: 9:00 pm ::: Voodoo Stage

Ozzy Osbourne is the prince of darkness and the court jester at the same time. The guy means more to rock and roll than most living musicians, and it’s a shame that the same can be said about his importance to reality television. Still… dude… Ozzy.



Sunday preview up later this evening, sorry for the delay on this one. What can I say, us
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