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the dandy warhols 

The Dandy Warhols are an alt-rock band known for some of their late ‘90 / early ‘00 hits, and their featured appearance in the music documentary DiG!, which showcases their music career and relationship with the band The Brain Jonestown Massacre. The Dandy Warhols have been making music since 1993, and consists of lead singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor (vocals), Zia McCabe (keyboard), Peter Holmström (guitar), and Brent De Boer (drums). The movie, DiG!, documented their music career from 1995-2002, and was shown in the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Documentary Grand Jury Prize.


the dandy warhols
Words by Melissa “Sausage” Cox. Photos by Anna “HashBrowns” Vernon. 

Here are a few things to note about The Dandy Warhols that may help you like or dislike them more – I tend to lean toward the latter:

  • Their name is a pun on the artist Andy Warhol
  • They came across as pretty egotistical in the movie DiG!, especially in regards to filming their music video “Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth”, which was shot by acclaimed photographer David LaChappelle
  • Courtney informally doubled his last name in 1999, so he’s known as Courtney Taylor-Taylor
  • Courtney contributed to the book “Sex Tips from Rock Stars”
  • Their keyboardist sometimes plays topless (she didn’t this time…sorry boys)

My personal experience with this band is very limited, so I can honestly say I wasn’t sure what to expect. The Granada was packed with a crowd mostly in their early 30’s. They were fans of the band when they were at their peak, and were ready to groove.

Overall, The Dandy Warhols put on a solid show that you might expect from seasoned rockers like themselves, but something seemed very rehearsed about it – almost like they were just going through the motions. Courtney sings with a powerful, confident, almost sexual nature. He cocks his head back as he sings, which causes him to look down at the crowd. The guitarist and drummer are all business, and Zia definitely uses her sensuality when playing the tambourine in her cleavage-revealing top. The few times she focuses on the keys, she gets into it, but for the most part plays the “hot chick” role well.

As mentioned, I’m not familiar with a lot of their music, so I’ve decided to take you inside my head to share some of my internal monologue that happened during the show. If you know me, this might worry you slightly, but I’ll make sure my thoughts stick to the topic at hand.

Someone just screamed, “Everybody loves the Dandy Warhols.” Pretty sure that’s not accurate…doesn’t The Brian Jonestown Massacre have a song called “Not If You Were the Last Dandy on Earth?” (They do, which makes fun of them and one of their hit songs)

The way Courtney sings makes him look down on everyone here. This is not good for the cocky-meter.

And into the 4th song – finally one I know, “Not If You Were the Last Junkie on Earth.” Zia is playing the shit out of the tambourine. Her boobs would be bouncing everywhere if she were playing topless.

Wow, Courtney Taylor-Taylor is practically whisper singing this song. Two words: Sexual Chocolate. (He wishes…)

Zia just disappeared. Where did she go? Is she taking off her top??? Oh, Courtney announced that she had to use the bathroom.

He’s having the crowd sing along with him to the song “Everyday Should Be a Holiday.” Some girl keeps screaming, “I Love You.” Doesn’t she know that’s not part of the lyrics?

Now they’re playing their newest single. Two words: It Sucks.

Hells yeah, time for some “Bohemian Like You.” I hope no one notices that this is the only song I sing along to. Actually, they probably shouldn’t listen to me sing anyway. Oh man, some girl in front of me is REALLY into it…she needs to stop shaking her ass in my general vicinity.

The next song sounds really familiar, and the crowd is really into it, even the people all the way in the back. (Side note, I realize later that it’s the song “Solid,” which is the theme song for the TV show “Undeclared.”)

And, it’s the last song. Um, are people really putting their hands in the air? It suddenly is starting to feel like I’m at church. I guess the Dandy Warhols are a religious experience for some people.

Religious experience or not, the show was ok and entertaining enough, but I must say that at the end of the day, The Dandy Warhols are a band I don’t really “dig.”


the dandy warhols 


the dandy warhols 


the dandy warhols 


the dandy warhols 


the dandy warholsthe dandy warhols 


the dandy warhols