Bacon’s Top 5 Pre-SXSW 2011 Discoveries

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This year’s SXSW is going to be different you guys. At nearly all times of the day and night, there are 3-7 free parties with at least one band that I’m excited to see. I’m not relying on getting into Fader Fort or Rachel Ray or any of that other stand-in-line-until-you-want-to-assault-the-next-person-you-see-in-ironic-DayGlo bullshit. As CroissanWich perfectly coined it, this year is South by No Stress. A big part of reducing stress levels has been doing more pre-planning in terms of which parties to attempt attending, so most of these bands were discovered on the undercard of stuff that I’ll be hitting up for a larger act on the bill. Can’t wait to report back with the post-sxsw discoveries, but for now check out some stuff I’m newly excited about:

Kvelertak. Metal usually makes my ears bleed, but I’m gradually opening up to the genre thanks to bands like Mastadon, Baroness, and Kylesa. You know, the stuff that real metal fans refer to derogatively as “pussy-ass hipster metal.” I’m not sure which category these Norwegians fall under, but it makes me want to throw myself into a wall of sweaty behemoths with a smile on my face. Apparently all of their lyrics are about Norse mythology and Vikings, bonus.

The Loom. For Houstonians: The Loom = Listen Listen + a female vocalist and handclaps. For non-Houstonians: shame on you for not knowing who Listen Listen is. Go here. Now.

Yellow Ostrich. You already know about Yellow Ostrich thanks to Eggs’ angerpost on Wednesday night, so I’m throwing up a different version of the tune that hooked us both. I like to pretend this song is about Free Willy. Tis catchy-as-hell indie pop made by two dudes with stellar harmonies and good sense of humor – Ex: They have an EP based entirely on Morgan Freeman’s Wikipedia page.

Black Milk. Black Milk drops precision rhymes over huuuuge drum-heavy beats that sound like they could be replicated live… complete with police siren when the party gets shut down. Reminds me of my favorite stuff by Pharoahe Monch.

Lord Huron.  This music is like a super lucid dream where you’re being led around by mermaids to a secret underwater hookah lounge. Bad call on the wintry video dudes, should gone with way more mermaidboob.