Lineup Changes For Free Press Summerfest 2011

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This morning is reporting that Saturday headliner, MF Doom, has been removed from the Free Press Summerfest lineup and replaced by Big Boi. Hilariously, the reason given was that the Free Press folks couldn’t get reassurance that the actual MF Doom would show instead of an imposter. Big Boi is an upgrade, if you ask me. However, it is almost certain that the imposter-Rivers Cuomo will be closing the festival Sunday night, as no one has seen the real Rivers since 1997. But don’t let that spoil the best news of the day, that more great bands have been added to the lineup: Beirut, Girls, and Killing Joke! The new acts haven’t been added to the official lineup on yet, but in the meantime you can check out the rest of the acts. Check out the updated lineup on (still no Girls though).  Nice job, Houston!