Freshly Squeezed: Foster The People

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Exactly 24 hrs ago I got an email that read “Alan wants to know if you’ve heard Foster the People.” As every other semi-normal person would do, I googled them. I found their site and saved the link for after-hours. Alan recommended I listened to “Pumped Up Kicks,” so I did. And here I am. Hooked. Just a couple of hours after getting repeat-one happy on their music page, I decided to get the EP. Best $3 I”ve spent in a while, yo!

I”m full of questions. Who are these dudes, where did they come from, when is the full album coming out, are they playing anywhere near me, etc. Check out the video for “Pumped Up Kicks” and then continue reading to learn what I found out after a little more googling.

1) They”re from L.A. and formed in 2009.

2) Their album, “Torches,” comes out on May 24.

3) You can catch them at SXSW this week (as if I wasn”t jealous enough, already). Their sets are today at 8:30pm at Stubb”s (801 Red River St), and Saturday at 12pm at Radio Day Stage Austin Convention Center (500 E Cesar Chavez St. Exhibit Hall D).

4) iTunes” free includes their song “Helena Beat.” Get it. Now.

5) The closest they”ll come to me is Kansas City, MO at the end of March. Mini road trip, anyone?!