SXSW Post-Mortem: The Photos

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I ran around SXSW this year, trying to snap as many shots as I could, mostly depending on what level of intoxication I was at. Most of the time, I’d say I hovered around an 8, so some moments of the weekend weren’t fully captured. Hell, Saturday I left my camera in my car. I did get a good round-up of shots from the weekend though, which you can see if you read more.

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Todd Snider – Talkin’ Seattle Grunge Rock Blues

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Todd Snider is a raconteur and a troubadour, and his live shows bind the two with a mortar that’s equal parts charm and wit. If you’ve never seen him live, the video above gives an idea of what you’re in for: brilliant songs punctuated with rambling, unforgettable stories. One of my favorite things to listen to on a boring day at work is a 5+ hour compilation of his best stories/songs. Here’s the setlist and the stream. Come see him tomorrow night at Warehouse Live, supported by Vince Hermann’s Great American Taxi. I’d have driven to Gruene if there wasn’t a Houston date… shit, I might still.

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Middle Brother – “Million Dollar Bill”

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This past weekend at SXSW, I had the opportunity to catch one of many sets performed by indie-rock supergroup Middle Brother. Made up of Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, John McCauley of Deer Tick and Matt Vasquez of Delta Spirit, the trio makes music that sounds like what would happen if all three of their bands collided. I know, shitty description, but that’s pretty much exactly how they sound. On the record, McCauley takes more of a center stage, at least vocally, but when it comes to the live format, they all have their turns to shine. At this past weekends event, the fine folks at Austin’s 91.7 KXT and ArtSeek recorded a quick little video of the friends and bandmates performing “Million Dollar Bill,” the closing track off their eponymous debut album. They seem to have so much fun together, I just want an hour of hanging out time with them!

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Yacht – “Dystopia (The Earth Is on Fire)”

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Pitchfork posted this nice little video of a turntable blasting out an upcoming single from Yacht.  It happens to be the mf’ing jam.  Bump it.  Yacht plays Emo’s in Austin on 4/19 and Fitzgerald’s in Houston on 4/20.

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SXSW Post-Mortem: Eggs’ Top Sets And Discoveries

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Another SXSW has come and gone, and after two days of recovery, I finally sit here with a clear enough mind to recap the extremely long and tiring four days of awesomeness that we all just took part in. After studying for a solid month before the festival, I thought I had a good idea about what I was going to do all four days, but everything changes once you finally dip your toes into the action. Overall, I think I stuck to about fifty percent of my plans, and for the other half, just wandered and found different and sometimes better options. I wasn’t worried about seeing Kanye, or getting into Duran Duran, or Death From Above 1979, or Wu-Tang or TV On The Radio – I can do that at any major festival or shed throughout the country. I was more worried about having new experiences with new bands, and several choice performances from some of my past favorites. With forty bands caught over the course of the four day extravaganza, that mission was successfully accomplished if not surpassed.

Read more for my favorite performances, as well as a list of my top discoveries from SXSW 2011.

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