CroissanWich’s Top 5 Pre-SXSW 2011 Discoveries

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My brain hurts a lot, readers.  I’ve been poring over lists of SXSW free shows, hoping to put together the ultimate schedule.  There are simply too many factors to consider: free alcohol, free food, geographic proximity, likelihood of a long line, where my friends are going to be, and of course, the talent (bands, not sexy ladies).  But even as the stress of excessive choice turns my mind to mush, I’ve been checking out some great new bands.  So here, in no particular order, are my five favorite pre-SXSW discoveries (at least they’re new to me):

Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Interesting name, that one…  Hip hop quartet?  No.  Funk rock fusion?  Nope.  Noisy indie psych? YES!  Woohoo!  These guys are gonna blow up.  That groove is unstoppable.


JEFF the Brotherhood. Sweet!   Another geetar n’ drums duo!  Mmm, grungey.  I’m hoping to see them on Wednesday before Ty Segall.  They better bring the leaf blower dude.


Dum Dum Girls. Okay, I’ve heard them before.  Have them on my iPod even.  But I only listened to like one song and then forgot about them.  That is until I checked out their new EP, He Gets Me High, cuz it kicks ass. The Smiths cover, below, is wonderful.


Wye Oak. I have a weakness for chicks that can wail on guitar.  My own sexism aside, their new album is fantastic.  Listen to the title track below.  The wailing kicks in at about 3min.


Grouplove. These guys might be my favorite.  And this video is just amazing.  What is that… Dances With Wolves meets Last Temptation of Christ???  [Edit: I suddenly remembered that this video has a similar plot to a short story I read a long time ago, An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge by Ambrose Bierce.]