Top o’ the Morning Tunes

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I always start my day with a song in my head, and this morning I’ve already had about 3 different songs on repeat. Back in my elementary school days, The New Kids On The Block were the greatest thing around. I remember opening my gifts at my 3rd grade birthday party, and receiving countless NKOTB paraphernalia – giant buttons, t-shirts, pajamas, etc. One of their greatest ballads, but also probably forgotten as of late, is their song “Please Don’t Go Girl.” This is the song that popped in my head this morning and stuck. I decided to look it up on YouTube, and am reliving my childhood with this amazing video. Watch as all 5 guys croon over one girl that won’t even look in their direction. Creep factor: Joey is singing his 12 year old guts out to a much older woman. Awesome factor: Those sweaters and those dance moves!

Hope this helps start your Monday off on the right foot. Now, back to prepping for SXSW!

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