Arcade Fire – Sausage’s Top Videos

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This weekend, The Arcade Fire will invade Dallas. Next week, they will invade Win and Will Butler’s former hometown, The Woodlands, suburb of Houston and a huge inspiration for their latest album, The Suburbs. Everyone here at Breakfast on Tour is extremely excited, as they put on one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen. The first time I saw them was at Mary Jane’s Fat Cat in Houston in 2005 shortly after their Funeral release. Seeing them play in that tiny venue with a only a hundred or so others was overwhelming and completely incredible. Since then, I have easily been able to say they are my favorite band.

In honor of this event, I have collected 10 of my favorite videos of theirs. See one here, and check out more after the jump (in no particular order).

Any great videos I missed? Please share!