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Record Store Day is quickly approaching! The first Record Store Day took place in 2007, and has thankfully continued on and grown ever since. It was created to support the various independent record stores across the nation. Musical artists got behind it, and release special issue vinyls specifically for this day, and many record stores have turned it into a full blown event. I”ve been every year since it started, and am fully looking forward to the albums and festivities that surround this one. Continue reading for Record Store Day events that are happening across Texas, and what special edition vinyls will be released on April 16th, this year”s Record Store Day.


I have attended Record Store Day at Good Records every year. They”ve done a fantastic job, and since they combine it with their annual birthday celebration, you know it”s done right. In addition to free booze, they have a good line-up of bands playing. It”s their 11th birthday, and they are definitely turning things up to 11.

11am – Andrew Lyon/Matthew Celsur
12pm – Sarah Jaffe
1pm – Jason Lytle (acoustic)
2pm – Jason Lytle with Midlake
3pm – Dim Locator
4pm – Bravo, Max!
5pm – Sundress
6pm – Diamond Age
7pm – Missions
8pm – Leg Sweeper
9pm – True Window
10pm – Octopus Project
11pm – Zomes

All throughout they will also have various DJs playing. For more info, visit here.


Cactus Music is the place to be in Houston on this day. A lot of details haven”t been released, but they have announced that the following bands will play on April 16th.

Robert Ellis
The Wild Moccasins
The Energy

They don”t have anything formally posted on their website. The only info I”ve been able to find is . If anyone has more info, please comment and share.


The obvious choice for a Record Store Day destination in Austin is Waterloo. This year, The Toadies will be playing at 5pm. For more record stores participating in Record Store Day, visit here.


There are way too many vinyls that will be released to list. For an official listing, visit the official Record Store Day page.

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