New Music Scramble: May 2011

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This lovely Sunday brought to me the realization that there are several new releases I’m excited about this month. Last week we had Fleet Foxes‘ new album, Helplessess Blues, which was very well received. There are tons of great albums coming out this month, but I’ll only tell you about the ones on my list of awesomeness.

On May 17, Ben Harper‘s Give Till It’s Gone is set to release. The first single “Rock N’ Roll Is Free” has been out since the end of March, and the video recently hit the web, too. This release comes to us just a couple of weeks before his performance at this year’s Wakarusa Camping & Music Festival. I plan on having the album on repeat for a few days before Wakarusa, so I can sing along at the show.

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One of my new favorites, Foster The People, also has a release date this month. On May 23, Torches, their first full-length production comes out. I’ve been waiting for this album since March, when I came upon their talents. Their upbeat, sure-to-stick-in-your-head tunes will most likely be part of the soundtrack to the Summer.

The other album I’m excited about is Eddie Vedder‘s Ukulele Songs. His first solo project was the soundtrack to Into The Wild, back in 2007. His new effort seems to follow the same vibe, judging from the first single “Longing to Belong.” Vedder’s album is set to release on May 31.

Those are my top three releases for this month. Although, I’m also curious about Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way. I’m not a super fan, but I keep up with her music. She’s some kind of genius and I don’t want to miss out on her. Also worth a mention are Circuital by My Morning Jacket, who will also headline the Wakarusa this year, and Flogging Molly‘s Speed Of Darkness. I bet HashBrowns is excited about that one.

What new releases are you excited about?