Peter Bjorn & John @ Granada

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Photos By: Hampton Mills

When thinking about going to see a three-piece band out of Sweden you might not expect the show to have much energy, or the band to have much of a presence on stage.   But I would have to tell you you were wrong.  Peter Bjorn and John graced Dallas at Granada Theater on Thursday and it was a fun, frolicsome, and all-around fantastic show.  There was jumping, dancing, clapping, fist-pumping, crowd-surfing -walking, and plenty of sweating.  Read the rest of the review after the jump.

From the moment the band entered the stage you were hit by their raw talent and pure energy.  They started strong with a crowd pleasing favorite, “It Don’t Move Me,” off their album Living Thing.  They then moved right into a catchy and lively singalong from their new album, Gimme Some, “Dig a Littel Deeper.”  The tempo was high, the bass drum was pounding, and the guitar riffs were riffing bursting.  All the while Peter, in a suit I might add, and Bjorn were scissor-kicking and amp-hurdling from one side of the stage to the other.  Their physical endurance paired with their upbeat, indie-pop sound made for a very feel-good concert experience.

They went through the middle of their set introducing more songs off Gimme Some like “Tomorrow Has to Wait” and  “Second Chance.”  The tempo of the show slowed down a little with the introduction of the harmonica on the next couple songs.  It served as a nice interjection of folk that resonated with the crowd as they held up their lighters.  Things picked back up again as they finished their main set with “Nothing to Worry About” and “Breaker, Breaker” to gear you up for the encore.

 After a quick wardrobe change they were back at it.  It started with a more robust version of “Big Black Coffin” from Writer’s Block to prepare everyone for what they had  been waiting for, “Young Folks.”  As soon as you heard that signatory whistle the crowd went crazy.  People were screaming and hands were waving.  Peter came out into the pit and walked casually through as everyone tried to get close enough to make contact and swoon over him. It was very Beatles-esque.

After the show the band went to set up at the merch table for photos, autographs, and hugs.  They were extremely nice and made sure everyone walked away with a smile on their face.  It was nice to see a band of such talent and international status make themselves so accessible to their fans.  Their most recent album, Gimme Some came out on March 29th. Check it out.