My new favorite band: Tinariwen

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I went on work-cation in San Diego a couple of weeks ago, and, naturally, caught some shows when I wasn’t in button-down mode. One of the bands I saw was a Saharan musical collective called Tinariwen. They formed in a Libyan refugee camp in the late seventies and have spent most of their career representing the historically oppressed Tuareg people. The band performs in traditional Tuareg dress and reading the translated lyrics will clue you in to the hardships that the “People of the Veil” have endured, whether under French colonialists, Gaddafi, or thousands of years of survival in the world’s harshest environment. Their music is a mixture of West African blues, American psychedelia, and the tribal percussion of nomads. It is wholly unique and incredibly moving to witness live. Check out the video above, and join the Tuareg rebellion the next time they are anywhere within driving distance.

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