Backseat Jukebox: Deer Tick

9:09 pm by

My good friend Mark Austin has recently revamped his web series, Back Seat Jukebox, and has posted a plethora of videos from the past few months featuring mostly Houston-based artists to go along with the new website. At Houston’s BestFest a few weekends ago, Austin talked the boys of Rhode Island group Deer Tick into taking a ride with him through downtown adorned in as much Monster Energy Drink gear as they could throw on while playing through one of their latest tracks, “The Bump,” from their most recent LP, Divine Providence. Despite cramped quarters, Deer Tick had no problem killing the acoustic version which sounds more like a comedic, bluesy B-side from Exile-era Rolling Stones rather than the norm from the indie-folksters.

Head on over to the Back Seat Jukebox website to see more videos from the likes of Robert Ellis, Buxton, Fat Tony, Young Girls, B L A C K I E, Mason Lankford, Come See My Dead Person and a whole bunch more. There’s so much good stuff over there, you’d be missing out if you didn’t stop by at least for a minute.