UtopiaFest Preview: Keller Williams

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Keller Williams @ Fitzgerald's

Of all the performers playing this years festival, I have seen headliner Keller Williams more times than any of the other bands combined. I spent the early-to-mid 2000’s traveling around trying to catch Keller wherever I could. Hell, in 2005 I even traveled to Amsterdam to see Keller for three nights in a row at the very first Jam In The Dam festival. He’s been apart of numerous side project that all usually bear his name, and feature his songs, but his best performances are the ones that find him alone on the stage with his arsenal of instruments. He’s an acoustic guitar virtuoso, that combines live looping and the use of other toys and instruments to build each of his songs from scratch every time he performs them. Just like a snowflake, a live Keller Williams song is never the exact same. Employing a host of covers to his repertoire, Keller will always surprise you with a reggae take on a Grateful Dead song, or a stripped down acoustic version of an Amy Winehouse song. You never really know with him. That’s why he has been and always will be one of my absolute favorites.