Wilco & Popeye – “Dawned On Me”

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Today, the interwebs have been abuzz about the latest viral offering from Chicago rockers Wilco, and for good reason. The new music video features not only an animated Wilco, but also the famed cartoon character Popeye The Sailor Man as well as his list of cronies including Olive Oyl, Bluto, Wimpy and Swee’ Pea. In the sketch, we find Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy vying for the hand of Olive Oyl, only to have a fight put up when Bluto and Popeye start to catch wind. In the end, despite Popeye’s best efforts, Tweedy takes home the prize. Enjoy!

You can read all about the video, pre-order the new iTunes sessions, and find out where you can get your fill of live Wilco in your area here.

It sure seems as if Tweedy and the boys have more fun than the rest.

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