We’re back!

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Well, kind of… Breakfast On Tour will never be gone for good.

I know its been a long while since anything has been put on this trusty ol’ blog, but that’s going to change for the better starting right now. I’ve been super busy working my ass off for the Houston Press, shooting and reviewing shows for their Rocks Off blog. I’ve always had a working relationship with them, pretty much since the inception of BOT, but have gone full throttle over the past six months doing anything I can do to further my portfolio.

Unfortunately, the photos and words that I post there contractually can’t be put here other than through linkage, so that’s why BOT has been dormant for the past half a year. From here on out, though, I’m going to post photos that didn’t make the cut for the HP reviews (which there are tons of), and add a few words about how the show’s are with links to my work on Rocks Off. I hope to add more content outside of that, but for now that’s how I’m getting back into the swing of things.

It feels good to be back!

Stay tuned for photos from last night’s Heart and Jason Bonham show later in the day.

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