Free Press Summer Fest 2014 Lineup

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Here it is folks. In all of it’s glory. The 2014 edition of Free Press Summer Fest, better known to us locals as FPSF, has released it’s initial list of bands and oh boy is it a doozy. Jack White, Vampire Weekend, Zedd, Lauren Hill and Wu-Tang Clan are taking top billing, while the undercard is stacked with so much talent that I’m not sure how they’re going to fit all of it in the smallish Eleanor Tinsley Park. After the copious amounts of work they’ve been doing on the park, I’m sure they have all their ducks in a row.

It’s going to be another good one in downtown Houston. Get your tickets before they’re gone!

Check out the full line-up after the jump!

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Queens of the Stone Age @ Bayou Music Center

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Queens of the Stone Age @ Bayou Music Center

Queens of the Stone Age came to Houston for a sold out Sunday night showcase at Bayou Music Center. After a long weekend of music that took me all over the map from Yuck to Paul Simon to Wild Moccasins to Sting to Superchunk to Queens, my energy was a bit on the drained side, but nothing can give me more energy than strapping on my camera and shooting a rock show.

And a rock show is certainly what we got. QOTSA frontman Josh Homme has perfected that suave lead singer/bad-ass guitarist combination, which has helped to vault the band to the successes they’ve seen over the past ten years. Yeah, they’ve got those Buzz rockers that many folks came to hear (including myself, as I’ve never been a regular listener), but it was their non-radio material that really shined throughout the performance.

I didn’t realize how much of their show relied on the quality playing of the band. I figured, mainly based to what I’ve heard from them on the radio, that we’d be hearing a ton of words from Homme through the night. But they focused on what people came to hear — the music. They fucking rocked. They played twelve minute improvisational rockers on top of their already tried and tested tracks, and at times reminded me of some of my favorite jam bands. After looking around, I noticed a few Dead shirts in the crowd. Guess I’m not the only one that’s made that comparison.

There’s a reason that QOTSA have become as big as they are, commanding such a large audience on a Sunday of a very busy musical weekend in Houston. They are just really good at what they do — true performers. I’m guessing their next stop in town will be at a much bigger venue, as the sold out crowd probably could’ve been joined by several more fans if the room would’ve allowed it. It’s cool to see a band of this size right before they become huge. I mean, they’re already pretty damn big, but they’re about to make that final leap into superstardom.

Glad I could catch them before they do.

Check out a bunch of photos after the jump.

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Wild Moccasins “88 92” Record Release @ Numbers

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Wild Moccasins, Young Mammals & Bagheera @ Fitzgerald's

Wild Moccasins performed at Numbers on February 8, 2014 for the release of their new album, 88 92. Young Mammals, Young Girls and Bagheera offered support.

I unfortunately missed Young Girls, yet caught burners from the Moccasins, the Mammals and Bagheera. The Moccasins pulled out all the stops with a set that focused heavily on the new record, one which features a dancey mix of culture-bending pop music that touches on a variety of different genres yet is deeply saturated in a healthy dose of the 80’s. The show in itself was also a throwback to the decade of cocaine and neon, with Numbers smacked in the face by a melee of glimmer funk that was fiercely pushed along by the underlying, yet pulsating bass and drum attack.

What was most noticeable about a band that I’ve seen more times than I could count on all of my digits, whom I’ve been seeing live ever since they were a band, was that they finally have that ‘it’ factor. You know, the one that can make a career as a musician or a band. Their time on the road with bigger acts such as recent tour mates of Montreal has certainly taught them a thing or two on how to put on a performance. They’ve finally tied all those little components together that they’ve been diligently tinkering with for oh so long, and have become one incredibly solid unit in all aspects of their being.

This show served as their coming of age. And boy did they come hard.

I’m proud of what you’ve become Moccasins, and am excited about your (very near) future. By the way, 88 92 is the best to be released from Houston in a long while.

Check out a bunch of photos after the jump.

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Paul Simon & Sting @ Toyota Center

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Paul Simon & Sting @ Toyota Center

Paul Simon and Sting perform at The Toyota Center in Houston, TX on February 8, 2014.

View more of my photos on the Houston Press.

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Superchunk @ Fitzgerald’s

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Superchunk @ Fitzgerald's

Superchunk perform at Fitzgerald’s in Houston, TX on February 7, 2014.

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