Wakarusa 2010 :: Saturday

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Waka Waka WakaWords by Nick “Toast” Roth. Photo by B “Cafe Con Leche” Gutierrez.

Our friends took a trip to the nearest Wal-Mart from Wakarusa on Friday. Gotta love Arkansas! Coming back, they appeared very refreshed. That”s when they told the rest of us sweaty beasts about the nice and refreshing hour they spent wading in the Mulberry River. As the heat continued to beat us down severely, we knew where our Saturday was going to begin.

I woke up that morning to the Ketamine laughs next door, reassuring myself that I wasn”t in the Mulberry already, but in a river of my own sweat. About an hour or so later we packed up the crew, some food and a grill, and headed down the mountain to our shady retreat for the afternoon. After a trip to the waterfall last year, and nearly going into heat stroke on the way back, the seven mile drive seemed like bliss compared to that hike. We were greeted at the river by several other festival goers, although the place had yet to become completely packed out. This was largely due to a lot of people being parked in for the weekend.

We spent the majority of the afternoon at the swimming hole, showering and taking in a scrumptious lunch with some new friends. The shower I took in the river beat the balls off of our solar shower, and I was rejuvenated and ready to take in another night of great music. With Widespread Panic headlining the night, I knew it was going to be a late night. Lots of Gatorade and water would be ingested through the day, hoping to make my night last just a little bit longer. Read on for Saturday”s musical feast after the jump.

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Wakarusa 2010 : Fans, Freaks and Photos

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Wakarusa Camping and Music Festival 2010; Thursday


One of the highlights of any festival is the atmosphere. It’s almost a sub-culture that is hard to describe to anyone that has never experienced it. Wakarusa is no different, and with the attendance numbers sky rocketing, this year would be better than ever to people watch. Here are several photos of the sights, people and just plain madness that took place this year. Enjoy!

Check out the gang of photos, after the jump.

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Wakarusa 2010 :: Thursday

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Wakarusa Camping and Music Festival 2010; ThursdayWords by Toast. Photo by Café con Leche.

Another year has come and gone for the Wakarusa Music Festival, and this year was sure to bring several changes. One of the main changes that was immediately noticeable was the volume of attendees this year. I heard rumors of anywhere from 15,000 to 60,000 people were there. If I had to guess based off experience, I would say there were around 20,000. Regardless, it proved to be yet another year that was run flawlessly thanks to staff and festival-goers alike. Read on for Thursday’s line-up after the jump.

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Wakarusa 2010 : Preview

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Wakarusa 2009: Friday

Yet another year of Wakarusa is quickly approaching. In it”s seventh year since Waka”s inception, this year looks to be bigger and better when it comes to attendance, music, activities and general madness. Although each year has improved upon itself, the move from Kansas to Ozark, Arkansas was the best possible thing that could have happened to the festival. Mulberry Mountain is a much more scenic and friendly environment.

Read about some of the bands that will be there after the jump.

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EOTO @ Bourbon Theatre

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EOTO @ Bourbon Theatre 

Ahhhhhh. Another night at Bourbon Theatre. As always, I had arrived about 20 minutes late for the April 20th show in Lincoln, NE. Rushing to get into the venue, I was instantly greeted by a hard hitting performance by the excellent sounds of EOTO with an extremely crowded Bourbon in front of me. As many of you music lovers know, EOTO consists of Michael Travis and Jason Hann of the famed String Cheese Incident. Mixing together several styles of music, while lying heavily on electronic, EOTO offers a much different feel than there days with SCI, yet they attract many mutual fans. Switching up roles from their roots with Cheese, each show is promised to be 0 improvised, making each evening a new experience.

Check out some more pictures from the evening, after the jump.

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