Freshly Squeezed: Imagine Dragons – Continued Silence EP

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Do you remember I told you about Imagine Dragons last year? They turned out to be my #1 music discovery of 2011.

They signed to Interscope Records at the end of 2011 and started recording new material right away. And as an awesome Valentine’s present, their new EP was released yesterday. Continued Silence EP is, in one word, epic. You have to listen to it. It contains a re-release of “It’s Time” and five new songs. I got it last night and it had me hooked after the first full-listen.

There is something about Imagine Dragons’ poetic lyrics in combination with their anthemic melodies, that make songs like “Demons” raise all the hairs in your arms. It’s hard to pick favorites from the new songs. So far, I’ve five-stared three out of the five. The other two have four stars. There’s not even a good place to start to listen to them, just hit play. Continue reading for more.

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Freshly Squeezed: Michael Franti & Spearhead – The Sound of Sunshine

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Have you HEARD The Sound of Sunshine yet? If your answer is no, you have to go listen to it right now. You can do so here.

Are you back yet? Did you open it in another window and have it playing at the moment? OK, good. As you might guess, this a must-buy album.

Michael Franti & Spearhead hit the Top 40 nation with his single “Say Hey” from his last album All Rebel Rockers. From the moment that song became a hit, Franti & Spearhead took flight. Talk about seizing the moment! I remember reading about him in a CA newspaper about a year ago, he was asked about working on new material and he said something along the lines of “…Our single ‘Say Hey’ is now in the Top 40. Since that’s blowing up, we’re trying to stay out on the road.”

Turns out, they didn’t need to stop performing to create a new album. In fact, that’s exactly what they needed to keep doing. A lot of the songs in The Sound of Sunshine were completed on the road. Franti & Spearhead spent their winter as the opening act for John Mayer‘s Battle Studies tour. Perhaps the opportunity to perform for so many Mayer-lovers did a world of good, introducing Franti to many that otherwise wouldn’t be found as part of his audience.

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Eggs’ Top Albums Of The Decade: 50-26

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When I set out to put together a best album of the decade list, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was undertaking. I knew it would be some work, but what I didn’t know is that it was going to be one of the most time consuming projects I’ve ever attempted here on BOT. I’ve never been the biggest on album reviews, only ever doing a handful in my time, so when I started to write out fifty of them, I eventually fell into serious stall mode. I originally planned to post my full list on December 15th, then that got pushed back to the 21st (good job for making that deadline Tofu Scramble!), eventully the Holiday season took over, and I just never found the opportunity to finish this list. Now that I’m just about done with it, I’ve decided to bring it to you in two parts. While it took tons of time, I thoroughly enjoyed recapping my past ten years in music, especially having a reason to listen some of my all time favorite albums non-stop for the last month.

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Sia – some people have REAL problems

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Aussie pop singer Sia released her new album, some people have REAL problems, on January 8th.

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Sia Furler is a little odd. But part of her charm (at least for me) is in the fact that she is so quirky. The outer cover of her new album features a picture of her with multi-colored scribbles on her face, gripping a bundle of markers as if they’re a magical microphone she’s using to communicate with an unseen audience. Instead of the usual lyrics and/or artist photos found in most album liner notes, Sia opted to showcase fan artwork. She held a competition through her website, chose the 14 submissions she liked the most, and made them ‘postcards’. They’re mostly crude drawings, and they’re all a little kooky — my fave is the one picked to represent “Death by Chocolate”; it depicts a fanged chocolate bar shooting what appears to be an indie kid. Step a little further into Sia’s technicolor world by visiting her website, There, in addition to the ubiquitous band music player, you can dress Sia in (among other things) a poncho, sombrero & mustache, an Elvis outfit, or a Superman costume and watch her stretch, jump, and dance (if that’s what you want to call it) along to her tracks. If you’re still not convinced that Sia is a little…out there, check out this video for “Buttons”, one of the bonus tracks from some people have REAL problems.

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