ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) @ Wakarusa 2010

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ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) @ Wakarusa 2010

Music is good for the soul. And the ALO set at Wakarusa was just what my soul needed. There was a big crowd at the Revival Tent waiting for them, so when Dave Brogan’s drums started “Man of The World” (the title track of their new album) it gave cue for what would be a big sing-along. The set was a great mix of old favorites and new material. Songs like “Walls of Jericho,” “Wasting Time,” and “Try” are some of the must-know ALO songs; the smiles all over the audience made that evident to those seeing ALO for the first time. The rest of the review and photos after the break.

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Wakarusa 2010 :: Friday

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Wakarusa Main Stage and Campgrounds
Words and photo by B “Café con Leche” Gutierrez.

I had been looking forward to this Friday for quite a while. One of my favorite bands was set to play that afternoon and BoT was given some time to interview them. HashBrowns was the one in charge of the interview, while I had to wait outside the building. Forty-five minutes later she came out with a story completely different to what I expected — their flight had been delayed, so they probably weren’t going to make it in time for the interview. I was bummed, but we were also missing out on some good music, so we started walking. But just as we were headed downhill towards the stages, the guys of ALO got out of their van and we got to meet them. So far, that was the highlight of my day, until I got to hear their set.

But I know you want to hear more about the music. Friday at Wakarusa was a fun day. The type of music set for Friday was quite different from Thursday. The festival’s atmosphere was still relaxed and easy, even though a new wave of Wakarusians arrived that day to stay for the weekend. Read on for Fridays’s line-up after the break.

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Wakarusa 2010 : Fans, Freaks and Photos

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Wakarusa Camping and Music Festival 2010; Thursday


One of the highlights of any festival is the atmosphere. It’s almost a sub-culture that is hard to describe to anyone that has never experienced it. Wakarusa is no different, and with the attendance numbers sky rocketing, this year would be better than ever to people watch. Here are several photos of the sights, people and just plain madness that took place this year. Enjoy!

Check out the gang of photos, after the jump.

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Wakarusa 2010 :: Thursday

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Wakarusa Camping and Music Festival 2010; ThursdayWords by Toast. Photo by Café con Leche.

Another year has come and gone for the Wakarusa Music Festival, and this year was sure to bring several changes. One of the main changes that was immediately noticeable was the volume of attendees this year. I heard rumors of anywhere from 15,000 to 60,000 people were there. If I had to guess based off experience, I would say there were around 20,000. Regardless, it proved to be yet another year that was run flawlessly thanks to staff and festival-goers alike. Read on for Thursday’s line-up after the jump.

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Wakarusa 2010 : Preview

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Wakarusa 2009: Friday

Yet another year of Wakarusa is quickly approaching. In it”s seventh year since Waka”s inception, this year looks to be bigger and better when it comes to attendance, music, activities and general madness. Although each year has improved upon itself, the move from Kansas to Ozark, Arkansas was the best possible thing that could have happened to the festival. Mulberry Mountain is a much more scenic and friendly environment.

Read about some of the bands that will be there after the jump.

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Groovement @ Rogue

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Groovement @ Rogue

Groovement is a funk/pop band from Fayetteville, AR. Their name might give you a slight idea of what they sound like, but you have to hear them in order to really get it. Is pure fun, I tell you, but hard to describe. I was able to catch the first part of their performance at Rogue on Saturday, May 8th. Although I didn’t stay to hear the full set, I like how so many people started dancing around the patio along Lindsay Burkhart, the band’s front woman. She’s got some voice! She reminded me of a Salvadoran singer I’ve known for years, Pamela Robin. I couldn’t stop thinking about how these two ladies would make such powerful duo if they were to come together for at least one song. Even if that one song has to be bilingual.

According to their site, they’ll play at Wakarusa this year on June 3rd. So if you’ll be there this year, their music can give you a little taste of Fayetteville. See the rest of the photos after the break.

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Andy Frasco @ Rogue

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Andy Frasco @ Rogue
Words and photos by B “Cafe Con Leche” Gutierrez 

Andy Frasco and his band spent the weekend pouring their hearts out all over Dickson Street in Fayetteville, AR. Three nights, three shows, and a whole lotta soul. I decided to attend the Saturday show at Rogue after catching his warm up session at The Smoke & Barrel Tavern the previous evening, and I”m so glad I did. I had so much fun even when the show was out in the patio and the night was cold due to a cold front that rolled into town along with Frasco and the band. His piano weaves new blues rhythms in a way it makes you comfortable. No matter how cold the night is, you”d be fine as long as the music lasts.

But in case you haven”t heard of Andy Frasco before, let me tell you a little about him. He”s a 22-year-old, independent artist from suburban L.A. who”s traveling to inspire others to follow their love of music and take charge of their career. He wants to share his passion, his knowledge of the business and his stage. He started working in the music industry at 16 and then started playing the piano four years ago. He collaborates with other artists he meets on the road. Like that night at Rogue, he had invited Adam Becker, of Groovement, to play the organ. Groovement is a Fayetteville funk band and they that night right after Frasco. Another guest performer at that show was rapper Rob Warner, who added a welcomed twist to the night. Check out the rest of the review and photos after the break.

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G. Love & Special Sauce @ George’s

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G. Love & Special Sauce

BoT is ever-expanding, and I’d like to welcome Cafe Con Leche, my music-lovin friend B Gutierrez from Northwest Arkansas. She’ll be having musical adventures from that surprisingly well-traveled corner of the state.

It’s been three weeks after the intimate G. Love & Special Sauce show at George’s Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, AR on March 31st. But I still find myself singing to the songs they played, and telling everyone that cares to hear how fun and how refreshing that night was.

The set had a bluesy, sexy start with “Blues Music,” and it only got better from there. The crowd swaying in unison, along with G. Love’s torso while he sat owning the vocals, the electric guitar and the harmonica. The next hit, “Garbage Man,” showed the audience just how well he manages all three. But the magic happens when G. Love comes together along band mates Jeffrey Clemens (drums, vocals), Mark Boyce (keyboards), and wild-eye string bass man Timo Shank to form the very special sauce.

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