Main Street Block Party In Photos

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Main Street Block Party 2012

Last Saturday, we headed down towards what is informally known as “The Island” for the second annual Main Street Block Party. Taking place inside and out of the Continental Club, Big Top, The Mink and Natachees, tons of bands graced the stages throughout the entire day and night. We caught a great headlining set from What Made Milwaukee Famous which featured an on point cover of Paul McCartney’s “Let ‘Em In” as well as a host of new songs which will be released on their up-coming album. We also witnessed top notch sets from the likes of Tax The Wolf, The Literary Greats, Caddywhompus, Prairie Cadets, Chase Hamblin Band, Featherface, Poor Pilate, Empress Hotel, The League Of Extraordinary G’z and a bunch more. It was a pretty solid day of music full of new discoveries, plenty to drink and a bunch of friendly conversations. I had a really good time at this year’s event, and am looking forward to seeing how they can make itl even better next year.

I took a whole bunch of pictures and a few videos from the event, check them out after the jump.

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Moses Guest – January 5, 2008

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Moses Guest delivered Breakfast On Tour’s first live music experience of 2008 on Saturday, January 5 at the Continental Club. We’d never caught this Houston-based Southern rock/jam band before, and were unprepared for what we encountered upon entering the venue: complete chaos. Okay, not really, but it was definitely more crowded than we’d ever seen the place.

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Cellophane Men

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Moses Guest kicked off our 2008 musical adventures last night with a much-needed helping of jammy goodness. Eggs, Doughnut, Coffee, Chilaquiles and I joined the crowd at the I’ve-never-seen-it-so-packed-before Continental Club to take in the band’s brand of Southern rock/jam grooves. It was the first time we’d caught this Houston-based group live, and we were quite impressed. Check back very soon for a review by Eggs.

In addition to enjoying the prime groovage, we also got a lot of great shots of the band as well as of show-goers. My personal favorite from the batch of fan photos is this one, entitled (at their request) “Three Stoned Men”:

Check out the rest of our pics from Moses Guest’s show here, and be on the lookout for soon-to-be-posted videos!

Carpe ientaculum.


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That 1 Guy

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That 1 Guy brought his musical inventiveness to the stage at the Continental Club on Thursday, November 29.

That 1 Guy - The Moon is Disgusting

It’s difficult to describe my initial reaction to That 1 Guy’s performance. If pressed, the only way that I could concisely describe it is like this: it made me smile. I stepped through the venue’s front door and into an aural and visual dreamland where a hatted man produces sound using a tricked-out steel pipe, and it actually sounds good. No, not just good–incredible. How could that not make you grin uncontrollably? I found myself irresistibly drawn to the stage, where I then stood and gawked with agape mouth, thinking, “I want to touch it”–‘it’ being The Magic Pipe that is an integral part of this one-man show. You really can’t help but stare at it–I observed several other fans gaping at the stage with the same look of dumbfounded awe on their faces that I wore on mine.

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Papa Grows Funk

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The music of New Orleans has held a special place in my heart ever since seeing my first zydeco group in the French Quarter 10 years ago. Since then I have always been interested in any band that had that crescent city flair. On Thursday, November 15, New Orleans staple Papa Grows Funk rolled into Houston for a gig at the Continental Club.

Continental Club marquee - Papa Grows Funk 

Papa Grows Funk are a five-piece outfit formed in 2000 by the group’s namesake John ‘Papa’ Gros. Gros led regular Monday night jam sessions at the Maple Leaf in New Orleans which eventually led to the forming of what we now know as Papa Grows Funk. They have held the same Monday night residency at the Maple Leaf since they formed, while also making short trips to other parts of the country to gig.

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