Welcome To Breakfast On Tour 2.0

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It’s been a long time coming, but Breakfast On Tour has finally undergone a complete transformation. Thanks to Mss. HashBrowns and Cafe Con Leche, we have a fresh new look to the website, and I couldn’t be happier! Things have been kinda slow around here lately, but with the new design, plan to see loads of content in the very near future. If you would’ve asked me when starting this website that it would blossom into what it has become, I would’ve given you a crazy look. I’m so proud of my baby, and couldn’t continue to do it without the amazing BOT staff that have put so much time and effort into making everything about this website so much bigger and better.

Here’s to a great future for BOT!

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Flogging Molly Kick-Off Tour in Texas

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flogging molly

In case you weren”t aware, St. Patty”s day is around the corner. For seven years, the countdown has been kicked off by Flogging Molly with a celebratory Green 17 Tour. And this is no ordinary tour. Standard Flogging Molly shows are intense – but Green 17 lets the band celebrate St. Patty”s day each night – resulting in an unprecedented evening of musical chaos.

And strangely enough, Green 17 is kicking off in Dallas on the 8th. We”re so Irish. Plus, they”re hitting Houston the day after, so we Texans are banking. If that isn”t enough – they”ll also be debuting material from the new album due out in May. Trifecta.

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Tame Impala @ The Loft with Stardeath and the White Dwarfs and Kuroma

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Tame Impala

I knew it was going to be a great night before I even entered The Loft, but more on that later. This particular evening, I went to The Loft to see the headlining band Tame Impala. There were also two solid opening acts that I wanted to catch as well – Stardeath and the White Dwarfs and Kuroma. I would say that all three bands have a psychedelic rock sound, but it’s as if they’re influenced from different decades. Tame Impala would be more of the 60’s/70’s, Stardeath is more modern, and Kuroma would be the 80’s.

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RIP Frankie 45 *Updated*

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Frankie 45

Photo by Allison V. Smith

Yesterday was a sad day in Dallas music. Frankie Campagna, lead singer of greaser punk band Spector 45, passed away. Frankie, or Frankie 45 as his friends affectionately called him, has been playing music in venues across Dallas for nearly a decade, and his energetic, wild shows had been getting more and more attention. They were named the best Dallas punk band in 2009 and 2010, and their song “Try, Try, Try” was named one of the best local songs of 2010 by the Dallas Observer. I had the privilege of seeing Spector 45 perform at the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase, and to call him a friend.

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The Dandy Warhols @ Granada

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the dandy warhols 

The Dandy Warhols are an alt-rock band known for some of their late ‘90 / early ‘00 hits, and their featured appearance in the music documentary DiG!, which showcases their music career and relationship with the band The Brain Jonestown Massacre. The Dandy Warhols have been making music since 1993, and consists of lead singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor (vocals), Zia McCabe (keyboard), Peter Holmström (guitar), and Brent De Boer (drums). The movie, DiG!, documented their music career from 1995-2002, and was shown in the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, where it won the Documentary Grand Jury Prize.

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Dr. Dog @ South Side Music Hall

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dr. dog 

The first time I saw Dr. Dog was the last show I saw at the Gypsy Tea Room right before it closed, and a guy wearing a dog mask went on stage to dance along with the band. The last time I saw Dr. Dog was at the Gilley’s complex, where a drunk girl went on stage and unplugged the opening band’s guitar (The Cave Singers), and then took off her shirt. Just from saying that, you can tell the vast change in their fan base and the people that come see their shows. This would be my fifth time to see them perform. The first time I saw them play I had never heard their music, so from the beginning I have been aware of the pure awesome they emote on stage. They made quite an impression on me, and as with most bands that are genuinely good, they have made an impression on a lot of other people as well. The last time they came into town, I was quite shocked to learn that it had sold out.

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John Butler Trio @ House of Blues

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John Butler Trio @ HOB Dallas

When I was in high school I stumbled upon John Butler through my brother. Instantly amazed by his finger-style guitar picking, I’ve followed him since. I have never seen anyone near his skill level using this style, and watching it is alone worth the ticket price. Last summer Cafe Con Leche and I stayed to the very end of Wakarusa 2010, and the show was like one of the swelling hot air balloons floating around, bursting into sunshine. Each time I see him, it amplifies a different chord of my life. I always come away with a new perspective, a rediscovered ideal.

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Big Head Todd and the Monsters @ HOB

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big head todd and the monsters 

With over sixty shows played and a new album, this year has been a win for Big Head Todd and the Monsters. Their fans are loyal and very laid back. The show at House of Blues in Dallas on Nov. 18 drew a diverse crowd, which allowed for great people watching and an easy time to enjoy the music.

The show started with the fast-paced “Cashbox,” heavy on the electric guitar and drums. Todd Park Mohr (guitar, harmonica and lead vocals) had the chance to let his guitar skills shine in every single song of the night. He gave each of the guitars he used its own voice. The musicianship that night was quite impressive. The audience’s appreciation was evident by the shouts of approval that filled the hall, blending with the riffs and harmonies coming from the stage.

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Here We Go Magic @ South Side Music Hall

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here we go magic

I entered the South Side Music Hall, located in the Palladium/Gilley’s complex to a wall of noise. Here We Go Magic had just begun playing their first song, “Only Pieces” where they were joined with Dr. Dog drummer, Eric Slick. If I can say anything about this band, I will say they are a band that differs drastically from their recorded and live performances.

In order to explain that comment, I need to go back to their beginning. Here We Go Magic started with Luke Temple singing and recording the first self-titled album by himself on a 4-track recorder. He then expanded the project to include other performers – Kristina Lieberson (keyboards), Michael Bloch (guitar), Jennifer Turner (bass guitar), and Peter Hale (drums) – were signed, and went on tour with Grizzly Bear, which is where I had my first encounter with this band. I listened to their live show not knowing anything about them. One moment I heard the afro-pop influences that one might associate with Peter Gabriel, and at the next I heard the spacey stream-of-conscious music that might be compared to Animal Collective. Needless to say, the first album covers a spectrum of music and styles. Their second album, Pigeons, was released earlier this year and recorded with the entire band.

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The Dandy Warhols | Tomorrow Night @ Granada

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Late this past summer Sausage and I went to Monday movie night at Good Records (they have bean bags and free beer – go!) when they showed the documentary DiG!. The film showcases an astounding amount of footage from the early 90″s beginning of two “frienemy” bands: The Dandy Warhols and Brian Jonestown Massacre. It was a fascinating introspective; especially the odd, competitive friendship of BJM”s Anton Newcombe and The Dandy Warhol”s Courtney Taylor-Taylor. It put a whole new light on both bands, and I”m pumped that The Dandy Warhol”s are coming to Granada tomorrow night. Grab some tickets for $20 with taxes.

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