of Montreal @ Granada

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of montreal

I can never really get into a conversation with someone about of Montreal before I naturally dive into telling them about what I saw at the concert–how Kevin Barnes was sexy, how bizarre the artwork is, how they did a song once for Outback Steakhouse. I’m going to try to change that. Seeing of Montreal at the Granada in Dallas was, again, a wonderful time. One can always expect a visual spectacle, sexual madness, and auditory gladness.

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Ra Ra Riot @ Granada

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ra ra riot

Today’s post is brought to you by footnotes – they will reveal more than you ever wanted to know.

Ra Ra Riot is a band from Syracuse, New York1 made up of 6 members – Wes Miles (vocals)2, Mathieu Santos (bass), Milo Bonacci (guitar), Alexandra Lawn (cello)3, Rebecca Zeller (violin), and Gabriel Duquette (drums). Their first full-length album, The Rhumb Line, was released in 2008 shortly after Vampire Weekend’s debut album, which initially led to a lot of comparisons between the two bands. Both are indie bands from New York, and feature strings and poppy melodies, but Ra Ra Riot has since evolved beyond that connection and been able to carve out a name for themselves and gain quite a following. They performed this evening to a packed audience – filled with people of varying ages and hipster/yuppy allegiances.

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Local Natives @ House of Blues | Dallas

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local natives
Words by Melissa “Sausage” Cox. Photos by Anna “HashBrowns” Vernon.

Local Natives is a 5-member band from L.A. made up of Taylor Rice (guitar, vocals), Kelcey Ayer (vocals, keyboards, percussion, guitar), Ryan Hahn (guitar, keyboards, mandolin, vocals), Andy Hamm (bass, backing vocals), and Matt Frazier (drums). Their debut album, Gorilla Manor, was released in February, and has been making waves ever since. Their harmonies, afropop rhythms, and infectious stage performance have made waves on the music scene since their SXSW performances in 2009.

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Frightened Rabbit @ The Loft

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frightened rabbitWords and Photos by Anna “HashBrowns” Vernon.

Tuesday night The Loft had it’s floor shaking with a packed house indie-dancing to Frightened Rabbit [a good thing too, I could imagine a massive implosion of that second-story wood floor if it was a metal show with that many people]. FR started off a little unimpressive. Maybe it’s my deafened concert-junkie ears, but the first few songs were quiet, and felt straight off the record. But they got comfortable; and the show mimicked their musical style – gradually building up until that floor was shaking and they were rocking their lovely scottish arses off. 

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CocoRosie @ Granada Theater

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Coco Rosie
Words by Cameron Jones. Photos by Anna “HashBrowns” Vernon.

Going in to CocoRosie”s show at the Granada last week, I wasn”t entirely sure what to expect.

CocoRosie, formed in 2003, consists of sisters Sierra and Bianca Casady, and defies description, though their Wikipedia entry calls them “freak folk.” I suppose that”s as good a name as any for the eclectic mix of sounds the sisters make, though I would just call it Good Music and be done. They have released three more full-length albums since their debut, La maison de mon reve, and the current tour is to promote the last of these, Grey Oceans.

Though familiar to a degree with their music, especially a number of tracks from Grey Oceans, I wasn”t sure what kind of concert it would make. On their albums, CocoRosie tends to have a soft, chill sound, which is excellent, but at a live show, if the audience is larger than ten people, I want to get excited, and dance (or flail, more accurately) a bit. CocoRosie achieved this.

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Ludo @ The Loft

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Ludo @ Palladium

Words by Cameron Jones. Photos by Malu Guillen-Torres.

When I first heard “Love Me Dead,” from Ludo’s third album, You’re Awful, I Love You, I was hooked without even noticing. The band has an infectious sound; they are incredibly easy to sing along to and catchy as anything. The more I listened, the more I couldn’t stop listening.

What cinched the deal for me, however, was their second album, entitled the Broken Bride. I’m a sucker for concept albums of any stripe, and this five-track gem about a desperate man manipulating time to save his wife from a horrible car accident takes you from the Cretaceous to the Zombie Apocalypse at the end of the world, pitting the unnamed hero against everything from pterodactyls to dragons, and ending with a sweet, sad piano ballad that is out of character for the band but no less poignant for it.

The last time I saw Ludo, in 2009, they played the Broken Bride in its entirety, and needless to say, I was ecstatic by the end of it. Hearing they were on tour again this year, with a new album to boot, I had some trepidation that they might not live up to my previous experience, but I knew that I had to go see them. 

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Sarah Jaffe @ Granada

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sarah jaffe
Words by Melissa “Sausage” Cox. Photos by Anna “Hashbrowns” Vernon. 

The last time local artist Sarah Jaffe was in the Granada, she cleaned up at the Dallas Observer Music Awards, winning Best Solo Act, Best Album, Best Song, Best Folk Act, and Best Female Vocalist. This time, she performed to a sold out crowd, who came in droves to listen to her sing. Jaffe released her first full-length album in April, Surburban Nature, now available in vinyl.

There were two opening bands – Jonathan Evan Clark and Seryn. We missed the first opener, but made it in time to see most of Seryn’s set. It was quite striking walking into the theater in mid-song. Read on for the full review after the jump.

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BOT-Approved Shows: Sept 27-Oct 3, 2010

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Tuesday Sept 28: Jenny and Johnny w/Eternal Summers and Whispertown @ Granada
8pm. Doors at 7pm.
for $16.

Tuesday Sept 28: Ratatat w/Bobby Birdman @ Palladium
Get tickets here for $27 with fees.

Wednesday Sept 29: CocoRosie w/Sleep Whale and New Fumes @ Granada
8pm. Doors at 7pm.
for $18.

Thursday Sept 30: Michael Franti and Spearhead @ House of Blues
9pm. Doors at 8pm.
Get tickets here starting at $27 ($23 for a 4/pack).

Saturday Oct 2: Ishi and Black Tie Dynasty @ Granada
8pm. Doors at 7pm.
for $10.

Northwest Arkansas | Little Rock

Monday Sept 27: Shwayze @ Chi Omega Greak Theater, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville.
Show starts at 9pm and it”s FREE.

Wednesday Sept 29: Citizen Cope @ George’s Majestic Lounge, Fayetteville, AR.
Starts at 8pm and tickets are $25.

Friday Oct 1: Michael Franti & Spearhead @ The Village, Little Rock, AR.
Starts at 9:00pm. Doors open at 8pm.
Tickets are $25 in advance, $28 at the door.

Saturday Oct 2: The Black Crowes @ The AMP, Fayetteville, AR.
Starts at 8pm. Doors open at 7pm.
Tickets go from $20-$100.

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Corinne Bailey Rae @ Granada Theater

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corinne bailey rae

Words by Julianne “Cranberry Scone” Rice. Photos by Anna “HashBrowns” Vernon.

Note from HashBrowns with a side of ketchup: We seem to be ever-expanding our musical horizons here at BoT, and I’d like to welcome a new guest writer Julianne “Cranberry Scone” Rice. She is a native Dallas-ite working at a local magazine and has a powerfully sweet voice of her own. She’s being recruited by a local band but seems to be a bit stage-shy. Maybe sharing her love of music will spur her to the stage.

After a four year hiatus from the recording spotlight, UK singer-sonwriter Corinne Bailey Rae released her second album, The Sea — following her self-title debut album—this past January. She is a two-time Grammy Award winner and has sold more than four million records, and she was in Dallas on Thursday night at the Granada Theater promoting the album and satisfying a major craving for live jazz-influenced pop/rock. Click here to read more after the jump.

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The Hold Steady @ Granada

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the hold steady

Words by Russ Kirk. Photos by Anna “HashBrowns” Vernon.


The Hold Steady (THS) has come under some criticism of late since the departure of former keyboardist Franz Nicoli. Complaints have been made that the band no longer possesses the swagger and raw energy that vaulted them into the popularity that they now enjoy – that THS had abandoned what had endeared them to so many. The band’s most recent album, Heaven is Whenever, has not been greeted with open arms by all listeners. However, naysayers were nowhere to be found at the Granada Theater in Dallas, Texas on Saturday July 10. Opening with the first track from their new album, Sweet Part of the City, THS showed that they are indeed back to their old selves. As heard on Heaven is Whenever, lead singer Craig Finn’s vocal style has evolved, resulting in more singing and greater vocal range with less of the talk-based performance that he has been associated with in the past. The result made for a phenomenal sound from the front man as his newly strengthened singing meshed with Tad Kubler’s guitar as THS performed pure, fun, rock and roll.

Read on for the full review after the jump.

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