Check it out: Swear and Shake, “These White Walls”

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Yo! It’s been a while, but I wanted to share this here with you guys. Last week I went to a G. Love & Special Sauce show at George’s here in Fayetteville. I was running late and was only able to catch the last song of the opening band, Swear And Shake. It was awesome. I totally regretted not getting there to catch their whole set.

Shout out to G. Love, who usually has really great new bands opening for him on the road. Last year he introduced me to The Belle Brigade.

Well, check them out. These guys and gal are pretty awesome:

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The Giving Tree Band @ George’s Majestic Lounge

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The Giving Tree Band @ George's Majestic

This is a late post, but I promise you it’s worth the wait. At the end of April, one of my favorite Bluegrass/Americana band made a stop in Fayetteville, AR at George’s Majestic Lounge. It had been close to two years since I first experienced The Giving Tree Band live. It had been way too long.

They opened for Dirtfoot at George’s the night of April 27th. There was a small crowd, but the set was still so magical. Their charisma on stage was what drew me in on the first place, and an album and a few new band members later, I can tell you they just keep getting better. I got a bunch of photos for your entertainment. There’s also a video of their new single and more info on their upcoming projects, so continue reading after the jump

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Fayetteville’s Summer Sounds

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This is going to be about music, believe me. But let me give you some background information for this post: Northwest Arkansas’ weather has been a mess in the last couple of months. We had a record snowfall in February, followed by bitter cold days and then, just when we thought warm Spring days were here, we were hit by sudden freezes and rain. Lots. Of. Rain. With tornadoes sprinkled in between all that. Needless to say, everybody was ready for some consistent sunshine. It was until this past weekend when we finally had some great temperatures (I’m tropical blooded, so by that, I mean we finally hit the 80’s). With warmer winds and longer days that Summer feeling has finally arrived (as I knock on wood, I don’t want another Great Flood, yo!).

And what better to celebrate the Season of the Sun than a ton of music? Yes, folks. I finally got to the music part of the post. There are several awesome events coming to Fayetteville and it’s surroundings this Summer. Read on for more on Wakarusa and its pre and post-parties, a bigger and better Fayetteville Roots Festival, music at the park, and what’s shaping up to be a legendary Block Party.

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Lucinda Williams @ Fayetteville Town Center

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Lucinda Williams @ Fayetteville Town Center

All photos by B “Café Con Leche” Gutierrez.

Singer/songwriter Lucinda Williams made a tour stop in Fayetteville, AR on Sunday, May 1. At the start of the show, Williams thanked the audience for braving the weather, as there was still lighting and thunder outside. The weather forecast for the area forced the show, originally to take place at the Arkansas Music Pavilion, to move indoors to the Fayetteville Town Center.

The venue was full for the sit-down show, and there were only a few standing (and dancing) at the back. The attendance didn’t come as a surprise, as Williams is regarded as one of Fayetteville’s sweethearts. So she knew she was performing to an audience that included great fans, friends, and her father, award-winning poet Miller Williams.

Continue for the rest of the review and photos.

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2011 NAMAs @ George’s Majestic Lounge

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NAMA 2011

Words by Anna “HashBrowns” Vernon. Photos by B “Café Con Leche” Gutierrez.

HashBrowns recently made a move from Dallas to the NWArkansas area. And this year’s Northwest Arkansas Music Awards happened just in time to celebrate her homecoming. It was the perfect way to reintroduced her to the delicious local music scene of NWA. Here’s her review of the night.
Welcome back, HashBrowns! -Café Con Leche.

Thursday night was a perfect summation of Northwest Arkansas music. Glitter mixed with overalls mixed with fedoras on a beautiful clear night after a record week of rainfall. George’s Majestic was the obvious host with it’s NWA music history, and the garden was a cozy and intimate setting.

The 2011 NAMAs kicked off without much fanfare, just a rousing performance by Artist of the Year and Best Folk / Bluegrass Winner Cletus Got Shot. Cletus felt like a rawer version of Trampled by Turtles. They incorporate a lot of different influences, and are well-deserved of both awards.

That’s how the entire night felt. Nominations were enough recognition that the artists seemed to be content to just be there. The winners mostly kept their speeches short, and I remember hearing a distinct lack of thanking god, which always feels insincere on those big stages anyway. My personal favorite came from Perpetual Wolf (Best Metal / Hard Rock Band), who thanked Lord Vader, the Ninja Turtles, and satan – in that order.

Continue reading for the rest of the review, winners, and more photos.

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Ingram Hill @ Rogue

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Ingram Hill @ Rogue

All photos by B “Cafe Con Leche” Gutierrez | Follow @BOTcafe

Time is flying, yo! April is almost gone, but I can’t let it go without sharing the photos I took at the beginning of the month. I went to Rogue with a friend to catch a local band on April 1. They were one of the opening acts for Memphis pop-rock band, Ingram Hill. After rocking out to Jarris, I stayed for Ingram Hill without really knowing what to expect. Their set turned out to be a pop dream, taking me back to my roots in pop music. My friends left, but I stayed till the very end of their set.

Continue after the break for the setlist and more photos.

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Pretty Lights @ The AMP

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Pretty Lights @ the AMP

All photos by B “Cafe Con Leche” Gutierrez | Follow @BOTcafe

Last Friday, Pretty Lights opened the 2011 season at the Arkansas Music Pavilion. The show started out early with two openers, Spankalicious, who’s part of this year’s Wakarusa line up and Michal Menert, who introduced himself as part of the Pretty Lights movement. Menert’s album, Dreaming of a Bigger Life, is one of three releases by Pretty Lights Music, and it’s available online.

Colorado-based producer Derek Vincent Smith is Pretty Lights. The AMP was filled with tons of young people equipped with everything glow-in-the-dark, from glow sticks to glow hula-hoops. The electro-hip/hop sounds of PL, in combination with the impressive light show, made the AMP bounce for over two hours.

Pretty Lights first came to Arkansas through Wakarusa a couple of years ago, then sold out a show at George’s Majestic Lounge in November 2009. And exactly a year ago he came to the Fayetteville Town Center. After his AMP-takeover on Friday, it seems like we’re going to need a bigger venue for his next visit to Arkansas. If you can catch him live in your town, do so! Don’t miss out. You can find all his music available on his site for download.

Continue after the break to see more photos from Friday night.

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7 Walkers @ George’s Majestic Lounge

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Words by B “Cafe Con Leche” Gutierrez. Photos by Stephen Ironside.

Two weeks ago, George’s Majestic Lounge celebrated its 84th anniversary. As part of the two-day celebration, 7 Walkers headlined on Saturday, April 2. The supergroup is made up by Grateful Dead’s drummer Bill Kreutzmann, guitarist/vocalist Papa Mali, George Porter Jr. from The Meters, and multi-instrumentalist Matt Hubbard.

7 Walker’s self-titled debut album is a celebration of classic Bay Area rock and New Orleans funk. But the show at George’s, which happened to be the last one of their Winter tour, was not only a celebration to the music that has feed these musicians and their followers for so many years, but was also one of the greatest showcases of talent I’ve ever witnessed.

Continue after the break for the rest of the review and photos.

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Great American Taxi @ George’s Majestic Lounge

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All photos by Stephen Ironside

George’s Majestic Lounge is celebrating its 84th anniversary this year. And the official anniversary bash was the first weekend of April. On Saturday, the big show was 7 Walkers. But we got there in time to catch the last of the Great American Taxi set at the lounge. That was their early set of the night, they played another set at the lounge after 7 Walkers show.

Fayetteville photographer, Stephen Ironside, was BOT’s photographer of the night. Check out his shots after the break. And keep an eye out for the review and photos of the 7 Walkers show, even Vince Herman was excited to catch it.

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Joe Purdy @ RZ’s Coffeehouse

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Just about a week ago, I found out Joe Purdy was going to be in town for a show at the University of Arkansas. He played at the little coffee house where I spent so much time during college. And it was a free show, thanks to the University Programs Coffeehouse Committee.

When I got to RZ’s Coffeehouse on Wednesday evening, the place was packed. They had to open all the doors for people who were sitting outside to listen to Purdy… (continue reading)

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