Peter Bjorn & John @ Granada

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Photos By: Hampton Mills

When thinking about going to see a three-piece band out of Sweden you might not expect the show to have much energy, or the band to have much of a presence on stage.   But I would have to tell you you were wrong.  Peter Bjorn and John graced Dallas at Granada Theater on Thursday and it was a fun, frolicsome, and all-around fantastic show.  There was jumping, dancing, clapping, fist-pumping, crowd-surfing -walking, and plenty of sweating.  Read the rest of the review after the jump.

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Portugal. The Man @ Granada

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Photo by: Bill Ellison of Granada Theater

You’re looking into the beautiful yet unforgiving landscape of the Alaskan wilderness:  daunting mountains, frozen rivers, miles of undisturbed alabaster snow.  The protagonist (lead singer and guitarist, John Gourley) is preparing for a journey with nothing but a rifle, a sled and his dogs.  He sets off, and stops for nothing but to eat and make camp for the night.  He wakes up to find one of his dogs has been killed, and the rest are missing.  Wielding his gun he goes out in search of them.  After what seems like hours of looking he hears barking in the distance.  With his spirits heightened he uses all of his exhausted energy to run toward the sound.  Frantically fighting through thick snow and fatigue he has a hard time staying on his feet, but the barking is getting louder.  Just as he is about to reach them he trips and shoots himself in the face.   The dogs discover his body and eat his brain. Read the review of the show after the jump.

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of Montreal @ Granada

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of montreal

I can never really get into a conversation with someone about of Montreal before I naturally dive into telling them about what I saw at the concert–how Kevin Barnes was sexy, how bizarre the artwork is, how they did a song once for Outback Steakhouse. I’m going to try to change that. Seeing of Montreal at the Granada in Dallas was, again, a wonderful time. One can always expect a visual spectacle, sexual madness, and auditory gladness.

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Ra Ra Riot @ Granada

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ra ra riot

Today’s post is brought to you by footnotes – they will reveal more than you ever wanted to know.

Ra Ra Riot is a band from Syracuse, New York1 made up of 6 members – Wes Miles (vocals)2, Mathieu Santos (bass), Milo Bonacci (guitar), Alexandra Lawn (cello)3, Rebecca Zeller (violin), and Gabriel Duquette (drums). Their first full-length album, The Rhumb Line, was released in 2008 shortly after Vampire Weekend’s debut album, which initially led to a lot of comparisons between the two bands. Both are indie bands from New York, and feature strings and poppy melodies, but Ra Ra Riot has since evolved beyond that connection and been able to carve out a name for themselves and gain quite a following. They performed this evening to a packed audience – filled with people of varying ages and hipster/yuppy allegiances.

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Win tickets to see Band of Heathens/Bruce Robison @ the Granada!

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Band of Heathens – Jackson Station

Thanks to the ever-generous folks at the Granada, we are giving away a pair of tickets to see a night of Texas country at Dallas’ best venue: Band of Heathens and Bruce Robison this Saturday, February 27th. Austin’s Band of Heathens play roots-rock well enough that Ray Wylie Hubbard signed on and produced their first album. Bruce Robison is perhaps the lesser-known of the Robison brothers, unless you happen to follow songwriters – in which case he’s on his way to becoming a legend.

Check out videos from both artists, and enter the ticket contest (winner selected randomly on 02/27/10) by commenting with YOUR NAME and CONTACT INFORMATION in the body of the MESSAGE, EITHER AN EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER! If you don’t give us a way to contact you, YOU CANNOT WIN.

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Win Tickets to see Keller Williams @ The Granada

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Keller Williams – Freaker by the Speaker 

Thanks to the amazing folks at the Granada, we are giving away a pair of tickets to see two amazing one-man bands: Keller Williams and That 1 Guy this Friday, February 5th at Dallas’ best music venue. Keller Williams hasn’t graced us Texans with a show for a long while, and, if you’ve never seen him, his guitar mastery is a sight to behold. The night is sure to be filled with his clever originals, some interesting covers, and a whole lot of danceable loops. That 1 Guy plays the Magic Pipe – an amagalmation of plumbing pipes, bass strings, and electronics that he constructed himself. He also employs digital looping, a Magic Boot, and a Magic Saw. It’s gonna be a weird, fun night. Check out videos from both artists below, and enter the ticket contest (winner selected randomly on 02/05/10) by commenting with YOUR NAME and CONTACT INFORMATION, EITHER AN EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER! If you don’t give us a way to contact you, YOU CANNOT WIN.


That 1 Guy – The Moon is Disgusting


Thanks as always to the Granada!!! Stay tuned for future giveaways and see you on Friday!

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Rooney @ The Granada

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These So-Cal pop rockers emerged when I was in high school. I remember seeing their video for Blue Side, the only single off their first record, in rotation on MTV (they did play music videos once upon a time, but now that I think about, it may have been VH1…). Since that time, the music industry has had their “Oh Shit!” moment, kind of their equivalent to the real estate crash of ’08, after everyone figured out what file sharing was. Record labels have traded in their recoupable dinners for sack lunches and shed employees like prom dresses. A lot of bands on the brink have lost everything they worked for as their A&R guys have gotten the axe. I don’t know if Rooney some how got lost in this fray of music industry meltdown in the last few years, because to be honest, I had no clue these guys were still together till BOT asked me to cover the show. Being a sucker for pop, I was pretty stoked to hear them.

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Win Tickets to see Reverend Horton Heat @ The Granada!

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Thanks to the always generous folks at the Granada, we are delighted to be giving away TWO pairs of tickets to see one of Dallas’ best live acts: the inimitable Reverend Horton Heat at the Granada Theater this Saturday, January 23. For over 20 years, the right Reverend has been spreading the gospel of psychobilly with humorous lyrics, ripping guitar, and an intense live show that shouldn’t be missed. His most recent record is an immensely pleasurable throwback to an earlier era of Texas country, and, when sprinkled on top of the band’s classics during a Saturday night hometown show, should make for a helluva fun night.

Check out a few live videos of the Rev in action, and enter the ticket contest (winners selected randomly on Friday) by leaving a comment with YOUR NAME and CONTACT INFORMATION (EITHER AN EMAIL OR PHONE NUMBER) in the comment. If you don’t give us a way to contact you, YOU CANNOT WIN. And if you don’t want to risk getting shut out, head over to the Granada website to pick up some tickets.

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The Mountain Goats @ Granada Theater

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the mountain goats

Words by Ross “Flapjack” Freauf
Photos by Anna “Hash Browns” Vernon

Lucky for those that dwell in Dallas, the Granada pulls in some pretty damn good artists. I walked in a little late and little buzzed like I’ve done so many times; this time to see what The Mountain Goats were all about. Get the whole story with a little extra Nintendo on the side after the jump.

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