C-Dub, the Cornerstone To Any Nutritious Breakfast!

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Two dollar Old Style tall boys were flowing heavily on Friday, December 14 at Knickerbockers in downtown Lincoln, NE. Cornerstone Dub(C-Dub), a local act, was set to hit the stage sometime during the night. Rumor was that they were supposed to be on at nine o’clock, but arriving at that time, I soon realized that was not the case. C-Dub was at the bar having drinks as their opener, the 5150’s from Omaha,were warming up.

Knickerbockers has become a staple in the music scene in Lincoln. The old wood-floored building has hosted several notable acts over the years and has helped Lincoln witness a small musical revival throughout the past few years. After promoters noticed that several bands were playing larger cities with no stops in between, they set out to get some of these acts in Lincoln, many of them at Knickerbockers. Some of the most recent acts to visit this stage include Hot Buttered Rum, Railroad Earth, Jah Roots, Particle, and Trampled By Turtles, to name a few.

On the other hand, several local acts frequent the venue, including Cornerstone Dub, a sort of rock/reggae/ska/everything-in-between act. Poor weather was to blame for a small crowd, but that didn’t keep several C-Dub regulars and a few randoms from showing up for the event. It was to be a quite intimate night for all involved.



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