Eggs’ Top Albums Of The Decade: 25-1

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Here it is folks. I’m finally posting the rest of my decade list for all eyes to enjoy. I’m not sure if you’ll agree with my choices overall, and you might think that they mimick some of the other decade lists you’ve seen over the past couple months. I really don’t care though, because they are my choices – my favorites. I have changed my overall scope on music over the past ten years, and I believe my choices do a good job in representing that. The decade began with a love for hip-hop, moved on to jambands, into the realm of indie rock, and finally ended with a solid mix of all three dominating my airwaves. These three genres have defined my past ten years, and have provided me with a stellar soundtrack through my first adult decade.

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Eggs’ Top Albums Of The Decade: 50-26

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When I set out to put together a best album of the decade list, I wasn’t exactly sure what I was undertaking. I knew it would be some work, but what I didn’t know is that it was going to be one of the most time consuming projects I’ve ever attempted here on BOT. I’ve never been the biggest on album reviews, only ever doing a handful in my time, so when I started to write out fifty of them, I eventually fell into serious stall mode. I originally planned to post my full list on December 15th, then that got pushed back to the 21st (good job for making that deadline Tofu Scramble!), eventully the Holiday season took over, and I just never found the opportunity to finish this list. Now that I’m just about done with it, I’ve decided to bring it to you in two parts. While it took tons of time, I thoroughly enjoyed recapping my past ten years in music, especially having a reason to listen some of my all time favorite albums non-stop for the last month.

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