Dr. Dog @ South Side Music Hall

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dr. dog 

The first time I saw Dr. Dog was the last show I saw at the Gypsy Tea Room right before it closed, and a guy wearing a dog mask went on stage to dance along with the band. The last time I saw Dr. Dog was at the Gilley’s complex, where a drunk girl went on stage and unplugged the opening band’s guitar (The Cave Singers), and then took off her shirt. Just from saying that, you can tell the vast change in their fan base and the people that come see their shows. This would be my fifth time to see them perform. The first time I saw them play I had never heard their music, so from the beginning I have been aware of the pure awesome they emote on stage. They made quite an impression on me, and as with most bands that are genuinely good, they have made an impression on a lot of other people as well. The last time they came into town, I was quite shocked to learn that it had sold out.

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The Dandy Warhols | Tomorrow Night @ Granada

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Late this past summer Sausage and I went to Monday movie night at Good Records (they have bean bags and free beer – go!) when they showed the documentary DiG!. The film showcases an astounding amount of footage from the early 90″s beginning of two “frienemy” bands: The Dandy Warhols and Brian Jonestown Massacre. It was a fascinating introspective; especially the odd, competitive friendship of BJM”s Anton Newcombe and The Dandy Warhol”s Courtney Taylor-Taylor. It put a whole new light on both bands, and I”m pumped that The Dandy Warhol”s are coming to Granada tomorrow night. Grab some tickets for $20 with taxes.

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Voodoo Experience 2010: Sunday in Preview

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Voodoo Experience 2009: Sunday

Currently crossing into Louisianaaaa!!! Eggs and I are set to arrive in NOLA with a couple hours to spare before the best Friday music starts. A quick Sunday preview is below. I’m looking forward to this day of the fest the most, thanks to sets from Janelle Monae, The Preservation Hall Jazz Band (perhaps with Jim James?), Interpol, Toubab Krewe, and My Morning Jacket.

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Voodoo Experience 2010: Saturday in Preview

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Voodoo Experience 2009

Saturday’s lineup doesn’t give me too many reasons to get excited, but I’ve never had a bad day at Voodoo – so I fully expect to come away pleasantly surprised. Honestly, I’m a little more excited about Saturday night in the Quarter, which will be insane due to the confluence of Steelers/Saints fans, Voodoo attendees, early Halloween revelers, and redneck hippies in town for Widespread Panic. There are some definite highlights of the fest, though, with sets from The Whigs, Crystal Method, Die Antwoord,the Street Sweeper Social Club (which features Tom Morello and Boots Riley), and of course, Ozzy.

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Voodoo Experience 2010: Friday in Preview

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Voodoo Experience 2009


It’s BoT Christmas!!!! Voodoo Fest is upon us yet again, and our 5th year in attendance is sure to be an eventful one. We’re older, slightly wiser, and a helluva lot more in need of a New Orleans weekend to break up the responsibilities of quasi-adulthood. For reasons both sentimental and musical, this is our favorite festival of the year – it’s our goddamn Constant.

Friday looks to be one of the best days of the entire festival, with Weezer, Metric, Hot Chip, Jonsi and a whole lot of Stanton freakin’ Moore. My Friday preview hits the high points of the 29th, but it’s bound to omit some great stuff – so be sure to explore, and let us know about who you’re excited to see in the comments. See you in New Orleans.

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Sarah Jaffe @ Granada

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sarah jaffe
Words by Melissa “Sausage” Cox. Photos by Anna “Hashbrowns” Vernon. 

The last time local artist Sarah Jaffe was in the Granada, she cleaned up at the Dallas Observer Music Awards, winning Best Solo Act, Best Album, Best Song, Best Folk Act, and Best Female Vocalist. This time, she performed to a sold out crowd, who came in droves to listen to her sing. Jaffe released her first full-length album in April, Surburban Nature, now available in vinyl.

There were two opening bands – Jonathan Evan Clark and Seryn. We missed the first opener, but made it in time to see most of Seryn’s set. It was quite striking walking into the theater in mid-song. Read on for the full review after the jump.

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Drive-by Truckers – “Drag the Lake Charlie” webisode

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Tomorrow, Houston temporarily gets even more badass, from the moment the Drive-by Truckers cross into our city limits till the moment they leave. You’ve got two chances to check out one of the hardest-working bands in the business, who over the course of 14 years have carved out a reputation as some of the best songwriters and performers in alt-country. Their three-guitar blitzkrieg is now supplemented by keyboardist Jay Gonzalez, who joined the band prior to the recording of their latest album, The Big To-Do. As part of the promotion for the record, the band released webisodes explaining either the lyrical or musical origins of most of the songs. Check out the webisode for my favorite song off of it, “Drag the Lake Charlie,” and head to Cactus tomorrow at 3:30 and House of Blues tomorrow night. Snag your tickets here!

I love that the DBT’s are forming relationships in the jam world… almost as much as I love the lyric: “I’m almost out of Valium, courage, and self-respect.”

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John Mayer @ BOK Center | Tulsa, OK

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John Mayer @ BOK Center

Words and Photos by B “Café con Leche” Gutierrez.

I love John Clayton Mayer.

I’ve liked his music ever since I first heard him on the radio, but I didn’t fall in love with him as a musician until I had the chance to see him live on Feb. 1, 2007. In fact, before that show in 2007, I had no idea he was such great guitarist. That show elevated him to a completely new level for me. It was not just about cute lyrics and beautiful break-up songs anymore. It was about his passion for music and his glorious guitar riffs (oh yes, I said glorious.)

I knew he was playing in Tulsa on Sept. 3, but I wasn’t planning to attend the show. At least I wasn’t, until I saw the live broadcast of his Sept. 1 show at Colorado’s Red Rocks. That’s when I remembered how great he is and realized how much I’d regret it if I missed out on the Tulsa show. After all, it was just a two-hour drive and a ticket that wasn’t in my budget. But I had to do it. So I bought my ticket the day before the show and got on the road after leaving work on Friday.

Read the rest of the review and see more photos after the jump.

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Big Head Todd and the Monsters @ Crossroads KC

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Big Head Todd and the Monsters @ Crossroads KC

Words and Photos by B “Café con Leche” Gutierrez.


Late last Winter, a friend of mine played “Love Betsy” on his guitar. I thought it was the saddest, most beautiful song I had heard in a while. It was the first time I’d heard of Big Head Todd and the Monsters.

I didn’t think that by the end of the Summer I’d be at one of their shows, hoping to hear that song when BHTM played a set at Crossroads KC on Friday, Aug. 27. They didn’t play it, but the concert was still awesome.

Read the rest of the review and see more photos after the jump.

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Wakarusa 2010 : Preview

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Wakarusa 2009: Friday

Yet another year of Wakarusa is quickly approaching. In it”s seventh year since Waka”s inception, this year looks to be bigger and better when it comes to attendance, music, activities and general madness. Although each year has improved upon itself, the move from Kansas to Ozark, Arkansas was the best possible thing that could have happened to the festival. Mulberry Mountain is a much more scenic and friendly environment.

Read about some of the bands that will be there after the jump.

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