Thee Oh Sees Hurt My Ears In The Best Way Possible @ Fitzgerald’s

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Thee Oh Sees @ Fitzgerald's

My introduction to this band, that has apparently been playing shows in and around Houston for quite some time, was the night before they were set to perform a gig downstairs at Fitzgerald’s a few nights ago. When a friend was telling me about them, I immediately heard their name as The OC’s, which gave me an instant negative connotation purely based on the immensely popular mid-2000’s serial-drama The OC. Well, upon further investigation later in the night when I returned home, I found out that wasn’t their name at all, and they were actually called Thee Oh Sees. After a few listens, I immediately learned that their brand of music would’ve been the type to never have been featured on the previously mentioned show. With a renewed opinion about the band, and an arsenal of recommendations from friends who seem to have a pretty good grasp on what’s going on in the music world, I strolled into Fitz with my camera just in time to catch the beginning of Thee Oh Sees set.

Check out the review and pictures after the jump.

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Old 97’s / Those Darlins @ House of Blues

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Old 97's, Those Darlin's & Buxton @ House Of Blues

Welp, I had myself a nice little Saturday. I woke up at 4.30 A.M. in a Los Angeles hotel still buzzed from seeing my favorite musician (Trey Anastasio) at the Music Box, somehow made my flight (winning!), and arrived in Houston just in time to clean up before heading to see my favorite country musician (Hayes Carll) play an instore at Cactus. A couple of hours and a few rounds later, I headed to the House of Blues to see my favorite local band (Buxton) open for my favorite alt-country band (Old 97’s) with most of my favorite people at a venue with my favorite sound in Houston. Twas a weekend of favorites, and every single one was even better than I’d hoped… a goddamn Bacon-y miracle if I ever saw one. Eggs already covered the Buxton portion of the evening, so read on for a recap of the rest of the night at HoB – including some beautiful shots he took of Those Darlins and the Old 97s.

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Buxton’s Coming Of Age Party @ House Of Blues

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Old 97's, Those Darlin's & Buxton @ House Of Blues

Buxton. A band that we’ve religiously followed since their early days; back when all the members still lived in their hometown of La Porte, TX; back when they could barely find their sound on an outdoor stage; back when there were only four of them. Over the past three years, while slowly becoming good friends with the young group of guys, we have seen them transform into something completely different than what was first witnessed back in 2008. Now, here’s a new, revised Buxton – six members strong and moving up in this world with a vigor. With an already established steady fanbase throughout East Texas, and an arsenal of top-notch songs in their cannon, they are ready for the big time. They’ve just recently signed to regional indie major New West Records, and are set to release their latest album sometime this summer. In the next week, they’ll be setting off to Austin to blow some some fine folks minds with their first official SXSW showcase and a slew of spots at certain major day parties, so it was only proper that they have one last major send-off gig to warm them up – opening for newly established label mates and Dallas natives, The Old 97’s.

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Keller Williams @ Fitzgerald’s

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Keller Williams @ Fitzgerald's

For the first time in over five years, time and travel tested performer Keller Williams brought his one-man circus to the most appropriate venue I’ve seen him at in years, Houston’s newly revamped hot-spot Fitzgerald’s. After a conversation Bacon and I had with Kellerlast year before his gig in Dallas, we learned his absence in Houston was due to many things, but mainly stemmed back to his young children and his propensity to be with them on more of a regular occasion. No worries Keller, we still love you and will welcome you with open arms any time you decide to come back. Hopefully, though, it’s sooner than 2016.

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Peace From The Hills CD Release

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Peace From The Hills CD Release @ Arsaga's

Fayetteville is home to a great artistic community, proof of that was the Peace From The Hills CD release party at Arsaga’s on Wednesday, January 26.

Peace From The Hills is a compilation of music and poetry by local Fayetteville artists intended to help support A Ride Till The End.

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Tame Impala @ The Loft with Stardeath and the White Dwarfs and Kuroma

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Tame Impala

I knew it was going to be a great night before I even entered The Loft, but more on that later. This particular evening, I went to The Loft to see the headlining band Tame Impala. There were also two solid opening acts that I wanted to catch as well – Stardeath and the White Dwarfs and Kuroma. I would say that all three bands have a psychedelic rock sound, but it’s as if they’re influenced from different decades. Tame Impala would be more of the 60’s/70’s, Stardeath is more modern, and Kuroma would be the 80’s.

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Roger Waters @ Toyota Center

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Roger Waters @ Toyota Center 

Once in a great while, a concert is announced that you know is going to be great before you even see it. I grew up listening to the greats thanks to my parents, but whenever I picked up both of Pink Floyd’s masterpieces, Dark Side Of The Moon and The Wall, I was stuck. Pink Floyd are their own genre, their own complete type of music, and they own it. I had the opportunity to see Roger Waters perform live once before this date, when he brought Dark Side to the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion for a late summer mind-blowing performance. When I found out that Waters was once again returning, only this time bringing The Wall, I was immediately pushing to both my Houston Press contact as well as my Live Nation contact about getting into that show. I needed to photograph it – it was going to be the biggest show that I had ever had the chance to shoot. Well, call it dumb luck, but I was accepted to shoot the show in the month leading up to it. Let’s just say that, even though I had a ton of great shows to catch in November, my mind was completely stuck on the thought that Roger Waters would be in Houston very soon. Well, the moment came, and I was standing in the photo pit with a few photographer friends, awaiting Waters’ arrival on the grandiose stage that was set up for his show.

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John Butler Trio @ House of Blues

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John Butler Trio @ HOB Dallas

When I was in high school I stumbled upon John Butler through my brother. Instantly amazed by his finger-style guitar picking, I’ve followed him since. I have never seen anyone near his skill level using this style, and watching it is alone worth the ticket price. Last summer Cafe Con Leche and I stayed to the very end of Wakarusa 2010, and the show was like one of the swelling hot air balloons floating around, bursting into sunshine. Each time I see him, it amplifies a different chord of my life. I always come away with a new perspective, a rediscovered ideal.

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Big Head Todd and the Monsters @ HOB

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big head todd and the monsters 

With over sixty shows played and a new album, this year has been a win for Big Head Todd and the Monsters. Their fans are loyal and very laid back. The show at House of Blues in Dallas on Nov. 18 drew a diverse crowd, which allowed for great people watching and an easy time to enjoy the music.

The show started with the fast-paced “Cashbox,” heavy on the electric guitar and drums. Todd Park Mohr (guitar, harmonica and lead vocals) had the chance to let his guitar skills shine in every single song of the night. He gave each of the guitars he used its own voice. The musicianship that night was quite impressive. The audience’s appreciation was evident by the shouts of approval that filled the hall, blending with the riffs and harmonies coming from the stage.

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Voodoo Experience 2010: Saturday In Photos

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Voodoo Experience 2010: Saturday

It’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks, but now with the upcoming holiday I’ll be finishing up on our festival experiences from a few weeks ago. Saturday of Voodoo was much more lax, taking our time checking out both new and old acts we’ve mostly never seen before. I ended up catching sets from River City Extension, The Whigs, Cage The Elephant, Die Antwoord, Buckwheat Zydeco, Street Sweeper Social Club, Crystal Method, Eagles of Death Metal and Paul Van Dyk.

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