Mavis Staples & Jeff Tweedy “Wrote A Song For Everyone”

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In honor of Jeff Tweedy‘s 43rd birthday, I decided to post something Wilco related, but came across this little gem first. With Tweedy set to produce legendary soul singer Mavis Staples, they’ve had plenty of time to collaborate and have some fun. Staples, whom can out sing pretty much anyone I’ve ever seen live, shines in the following video which finds her covering the Creedence Clearwater Revival tune “Wrote A Song For Everyone” backed by Tweedy on acoustic guitar and vocals. It’s a great version of the song, ever so soulful with Staples at the helm. Tweedy, although he had been working with Staples and had become friends with her for some time, still seems as if he’s starstruck in her presence – as he should be!

I’m excited to see what Tweedy does on the production side of the business. I know he’s had a heavy hand in the job on all Wilco records, but it’ll be nice to see his vision through someone elses work – especially someone as storied and as talented as Staples. The album is due out September 14th, so we don’t have to wait too long.

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Phish – “Gotta Jibboo”

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Over a month has passed since Bacon and my last Phish experience at Alpharetta, GA’s Encore Park Amphitheatre on the 3rd and 4th of July, and we are still suffering from minor hangovers. To help us finally get over them, Phish has released a high quality HD video of their Farmhouse tune “Gotta Jibboo.” Used as a set closer for the third of four sets of the weekend, Phish extended the usual jam in “Jibboo” for a funky 12 minutes of booty-shaking that sent everyone in the crowd into the fourth and final set with their dancing shoes on. For me, this version was overshadowed by the ferocious final set that night, but after watching this video and seeing the quality and intensity of playing, I realize how great of a choice for set closer it really was. Give it a watch, and judge for yourself…

Now, if only Phish would release that segment in the final set that was smashed in between Mike’s Groove. I would die to see a clear video of that “Harpua,” which included a full interpolation of Rage Against The Machine’s “Killing In The Name.” That shit was the shit.

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Ween – A Tear for Eddie @ Camp Bisco 9

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This past weekend, a major music festival took place: LCD Soundsystem, Raekwon, and Major Lazer all played. No, I’m not talking about Pitchfork… I’m talking about Camp Bisco 9, a surprisingly more-than-decent festival in Mariaville, NY built around a surprisingly less-than-decent band: The Disco Biscuits. Before any Biscuit kids jump down my throat, know that I’ve tried, I really have, and it just isn’t my thing. I respect the hell out of what they’ve done with the Camp Bisco lineup though, and I’m pretty sure I’d have guilty fun seeing the Biscuits live. Throw together another lineup like this year’s, and I might have to make the trip.

This year’s Camp featured Gift of Gab, Caribou, Girl Talk, Talib Kweli, Meth + Ghost + Rae, Thievery Corporation, RAQ, Holy Fuck, LCD Soundsystem, Diplo (both solo and with Major Lazer), and, best of all, Ween. Check out a video of Deaner ripping up “A Tear for Eddie,” his tribute to P-funk’s Eddie Hazel, below. And to all you Pitchfork hipsters… wise up and Hail the Boognish!

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Tom Waits | Step Right Up, 1977

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I re-watched one of my favorite movies last night, Coffee and Cigarettes, with one of my favorite people. As the title belies, the film is a series of vignettes centered on two of the oldest complementary vices. Some of the better scenes revolve around musicians, be it Jack and Meg White discussing a Tesla coil, the RZA and the GZA giving medical advice to Bill Murray, or Iggy Pop and Tom Waits awkwardly interacting over an excuse-laden cigarette. The scene with Tom Waits got me on a bit of a Waits-centric youtube kick, and I came across a performance that is, quite frankly, the epitome of cool: a 1977 performance of “Step Right Up” recorded in West Germany. Pour a cup of coffee, light up a cig, and enjoy.

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La Blogotheque Take Away Show: Mumford & Sons

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As a regular reader of BOT, you probably know that we’ve developed a serious affinity for French music video blog La Blogotheque. Not because of the writing, as I can’t read a lick of French, but because the regular posting of quality videos from a regular rotation of some of my favorite bands in the indie rock world. From Islands to Edward Sharpe, Arcade Fire to Bon Iver, they’re all on there, and they’re continually adding more and more as the weeks go by. One of the most recent videos in the series of Take Away Shows is one from British folk group Mumford & Sons, where they take their already brilliant song “Awake My Soul” and change it up for the video by learning and performing the chorus and a verse of the song completely in French. Nestled in a courtyard in front of an audience of one gazing out her apartment window, the quintet warms up with “The Banjolin Song” before finishing with the aforementioned “Awake My Soul.” I highly recommend spending the next ten minutes with this video… it’ll be the best decision you make all day!

Unfortunately, I had to sell my ticket to their performance in Austin a few weeks back, but I’m determined to see them in the very near future. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll add Houston to their tour itinerary during their next go-around of the States. If so, you’ll definitely see me getting my yolk on!


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La Blogotheque Take Away Show: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

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It’s been a while since I’ve personally posted anything on the old frontpage here, but now that my busy first half of June is over, I should be back on here in full force. My first offering is a great La Blogotheque Take Away Show featuring one of my current obsessions in the form of Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. For this video, the group find themselves outside of a venue, playing for a rabid group of fans that waited around patiently for hours after the show let out just to get another taste. Starting with the ever-popular “Home” and finishing with a rollicking version of their album opener “40 Day Dream,” Ed Sharpe and Co. have no problems entertaining those lucky few who apparently didn’t have anything to do in the morning. Check it out…

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros are coming to Dallas on the 5th of July, and if I’m not too tired after the long drive from Phish’s 4th of July extravaganza, I will be there in full force. If not, I’ll have to wait until they make their debut performance at ACL later in the year. Hopefully I can attend both, if I’m lucky!


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John Prine and Jim James – “All the Best” on Letterman

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John Prine is an under-appreciated treasure of American music. The best of his songwriting is damn near unparalleled. He has long been recognized by fellow musicians for his talent, and soon he’ll have a tribute album filled with the best of them. Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows, featuring the likes of My Morning Jacket, the Avett Brothers, Justin Vernon, and the Drive-by Truckers, releases on June 22nd. Prine and Jim James performed a beautiful version of MMJ’s cover from the album, “All the Best,” on Letterman last night. Enjoy.

The artists and tracklist for the album should get you pretty excited.

01 Justin Vernon – “Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow)”
02 Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band – “Wedding Day in Funeralville”
03 My Morning Jacket – “All the Best”
04 Josh Ritter – “Mexican Home”
05 Lambchop – “Six O’Clock News”
06 Justin Townes Earle – “Far From Me”
07 The Avett Brothers – “Spanish Pipedream”
08 Old Crow Medicine Show – “Angel From Montgomery”
09 Sara Watkins – “The Late John Garfield Blues”
10 Drive-By Truckers – “Daddy’s Little Pumpkin”
11 Deer Tick – “Unwed Fathers” [ft. Liz Isenberg]
12 Those Darlins – “Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian”


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Frightened Rabbit | “Nothing Like You” on Jimmy Fallon

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If you’ve been following the site regularly for the past year, you’ve realized that we can’t get enough of the young Scottish lads known as Frightened Rabbit. I finally had the chance to see the quintet perform at SXSW this year (twice, actually), and they blew me away more than I ever thought they could. Unfortunately, due to that damn volcano, they had to cancel their Houston gig, but I am certainly satisfied with the time I’ve spent with them this year. Last night, Frightened Rabbit made their network television debut on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to perform the rocker “Nothing Like You” from their latest album, The Winter Of Mixed Drinks. Check it out…

They certainly nailed this performance, even inspiring Roots drummer and musical mastermind ?uestlove to give props to the band via twitter. I hope they make good on their semi-promise to reschedule their Houston gig later this year, as I am already jonesing for another performance.


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Phish | “Loving Cup” on Jimmy Fallon

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If you’re a regular reader of BOT, you know that there is one band that dominates a very big portion of Toast, Bacon and my own love affair with music. If you have to guess from here, this video’s not for you. Phish made a return to late night television last night for the first time in over six years. They brought with them one of their strongest covers in their storied repertoire, The Rolling Stones’ “Loving Cup” from the stellar album Exile In Main Street. As part of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon‘s “Stones Week,” Phish performed the cover with vigor in front of a rowdy audience of phans. It’s good to see healthy Phish performing a song they love with smiles adorning their aging grins, especially when the song is introduced by one of it’s co-writers in form of the pirate-zombie known as Keith Richards.

In less than a month, I’ll be seeing my first Phish show of 2010, when they come within ten minutes of my parents house in Ohio. I’ll also be catching both the Atlanta Fourth of July gigs, and the crown jewel run of shows in Colorado’s majestic town of Telluride. See you soon my Phishy friends!

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Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – “Home”

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Recently, I’ve grown an unhealthy obsession with LA-based folk ensemble Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros – specifically their mid-album opus “Home.” The group takes a whole new approach to dreamy vocal-based folk music, and with a host of players in support, they translate the lyrics of frontman Alex Ebert into a gorgeous wall of sound. Just the other day, Edward Sharpe & co. released a new video for “Home,” where they culled out a ton of clips from their days on the road, and put them together to fit quite nicely with the song. Check it out:

I’m really hoping I get a chance to see this band sometime in the near future. All signs are pointing to them appearing at Outside Lands this year, so if all goes well, I’ll be able to get back to San Francisco to attend that kick-ass festy in the fall.

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