SXSW Live Streams

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While most BOT heads are at SXSW right now, there are some of us that couldn’t make it. If you’re like me, cry no more! Thanks to NPR Music and Limelight Networks you can catch some live performances. Just head over to NPR for the live streaming.

3/16 @ 8:15pm CT: Yuck, James Blake, Smith Westerns and Raphael Saadiq.
3/17 @ 12:00pm CT: The Antlers, The Joy Formidable, WILD FLAG, Khaira Arby, tUnE-yArDs and Colin Stetson.
and @ 9:30pm CT – via XV, Donnis, B.O.B, Wiz Khalifa and Janelle Monáe.
3/19 @ 3:30pm CT: Bright Eyes, The Felice Brothers, Middle Brother, Man Man and Kurt Vile.

That’s what I have for you. If I find any other schedules, I’ll let you know. Enjoy!

Live From SXSW: Stream the Rolling Stone Showcases. Click here to get to the live streaming.

3/17 @ 12-5pm CT: Gary Clark Jr., Raphael Saadiq, Tracy Bonham, Mona, and The Meat Puppets.
3/18 @ 12-5pm CT: Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Dawes, Nicole Atkins, and Hayes Carll.
3/19 @ 12-5pm CT: Beast Make Bomb, Tennis, Surfer Blood, The Joy Formidable, and Ellie Goulding.

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Top o’ the Morning Tunes

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I always start my day with a song in my head, and this morning I’ve already had about 3 different songs on repeat. Back in my elementary school days, The New Kids On The Block were the greatest thing around. I remember opening my gifts at my 3rd grade birthday party, and receiving countless NKOTB paraphernalia – giant buttons, t-shirts, pajamas, etc. One of their greatest ballads, but also probably forgotten as of late, is their song “Please Don’t Go Girl.” This is the song that popped in my head this morning and stuck. I decided to look it up on YouTube, and am reliving my childhood with this amazing video. Watch as all 5 guys croon over one girl that won’t even look in their direction. Creep factor: Joey is singing his 12 year old guts out to a much older woman. Awesome factor: Those sweaters and those dance moves!

Hope this helps start your Monday off on the right foot. Now, back to prepping for SXSW!

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Lineup Changes For Free Press Summerfest 2011

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This morning is reporting that Saturday headliner, MF Doom, has been removed from the Free Press Summerfest lineup and replaced by Big Boi. Hilariously, the reason given was that the Free Press folks couldn’t get reassurance that the actual MF Doom would show instead of an imposter. Big Boi is an upgrade, if you ask me. However, it is almost certain that the imposter-Rivers Cuomo will be closing the festival Sunday night, as no one has seen the real Rivers since 1997. But don’t let that spoil the best news of the day, that more great bands have been added to the lineup: Beirut, Girls, and Killing Joke! The new acts haven’t been added to the official lineup on yet, but in the meantime you can check out the rest of the acts. Check out the updated lineup on (still no Girls though).  Nice job, Houston!

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Freshly Squeezed Artists | Bombadil

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For some time I’ve been following the work of photographer Liz Devine, as we have a similar love of The Avett Brothers. She works at a music venue in Portland, and shoots portrait photography along with concert photography. One of her shoots in particular had me intrigued, as defying gravity tends to do. Devine’s shots of Bombadil led me to investigate, and I found a new fav.

Definitely in the folk-pop category, Bombadil is light and easy on the ears – generally writing about living the best life you can before it ends, or creating stories with characters within a song. The name matches their style perfectly. For you non-LOTR-geeks out there, Tom Bombadil is an eccentric recluse in Lord of the Rings, though he didn’t make the movie. Tolkien depicts him as an merry fellow who speaks almost lyrically.

Formed in 2005 while in Bolivia for school, Bombadil toured for a while before opening for fellow North Carolina natives The Avett Brothers, which led to their first record release – A Buzz, A Buzz. They continued, playing at festivals like Bonnaroo, going through several member change-ups, before declaring a hiatus at the beginning of 09. Bombadil had already recorded the next record (Tarpits and Canyonlands), which came out later that summer, but the bassist had a severe case of tendonitis and the entire band decided to wait til he healed. Two years pass and they FINALLY play a show (with the Avetts) this past Christmas.

Hopefully this means a tour is imminent. Keep your fingers crossed. Above is an old video of “Three Saddest Words” off their first album, and I added one of my favs off the new album, “Honeymoon,” to our BOT Playlist on the right.


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Thee Oh Sees Hurt My Ears In The Best Way Possible @ Fitzgerald’s

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Thee Oh Sees @ Fitzgerald's

My introduction to this band, that has apparently been playing shows in and around Houston for quite some time, was the night before they were set to perform a gig downstairs at Fitzgerald’s a few nights ago. When a friend was telling me about them, I immediately heard their name as The OC’s, which gave me an instant negative connotation purely based on the immensely popular mid-2000’s serial-drama The OC. Well, upon further investigation later in the night when I returned home, I found out that wasn’t their name at all, and they were actually called Thee Oh Sees. After a few listens, I immediately learned that their brand of music would’ve been the type to never have been featured on the previously mentioned show. With a renewed opinion about the band, and an arsenal of recommendations from friends who seem to have a pretty good grasp on what’s going on in the music world, I strolled into Fitz with my camera just in time to catch the beginning of Thee Oh Sees set.

Check out the review and pictures after the jump.

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Dawes Covering Edward Sharpe’s “Carries On” Makes My Eyes Rain With Excitement

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Seriously. One, I’m currently obsessed with Dawes, and all their amazing song craft, and two, I can never get enough of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. I meant to post this video to BOT a while ago, but never got around to it. Now is a perfect time. I’m getting ready to revisit another Dawes performance next week at SXSW, so they’ve been heavy on my playlist for the past few weeks. I know it’s a longshot that they’ll perform this cover, but man, if they did, my eyes probably would rain.

If you dig this video, it’s one of many different cover performances included in The Voice Project, a peace movement put together to raise awareness for Uganda, specifically the support of the the women of the African nation. If you want to enjoy Andrew Bird covering Cass McCombs, Bedouin Soundclash covering K’Naan, Nicole Atkins covering The Avett Brothers, Mike Mills covering Billy Bragg and Peter Gabriel covering Tom Waits among many others, and can get into a good cause, I highly recommend checking out what The Voice Project is doing.

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Bacon’s Top 5 Pre-SXSW 2011 Discoveries

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This year’s SXSW is going to be different you guys. At nearly all times of the day and night, there are 3-7 free parties with at least one band that I’m excited to see. I’m not relying on getting into Fader Fort or Rachel Ray or any of that other stand-in-line-until-you-want-to-assault-the-next-person-you-see-in-ironic-DayGlo bullshit. As CroissanWich perfectly coined it, this year is South by No Stress. A big part of reducing stress levels has been doing more pre-planning in terms of which parties to attempt attending, so most of these bands were discovered on the undercard of stuff that I’ll be hitting up for a larger act on the bill. Can’t wait to report back with the post-sxsw discoveries, but for now check out some stuff I’m newly excited about:

Kvelertak. Metal usually makes my ears bleed, but I’m gradually opening up to the genre thanks to bands like Mastadon, Baroness, and Kylesa. You know, the stuff that real metal fans refer to derogatively as “pussy-ass hipster metal.” I’m not sure which category these Norwegians fall under, but it makes me want to throw myself into a wall of sweaty behemoths with a smile on my face. Apparently all of their lyrics are about Norse mythology and Vikings, bonus.

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CroissanWich’s Top 5 Pre-SXSW 2011 Discoveries

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My brain hurts a lot, readers.  I’ve been poring over lists of SXSW free shows, hoping to put together the ultimate schedule.  There are simply too many factors to consider: free alcohol, free food, geographic proximity, likelihood of a long line, where my friends are going to be, and of course, the talent (bands, not sexy ladies).  But even as the stress of excessive choice turns my mind to mush, I’ve been checking out some great new bands.  So here, in no particular order, are my five favorite pre-SXSW discoveries (at least they’re new to me):

Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Interesting name, that one…  Hip hop quartet?  No.  Funk rock fusion?  Nope.  Noisy indie psych? YES!  Woohoo!  These guys are gonna blow up.  That groove is unstoppable.

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