Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010 Line-Up

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The 2010 edition of Fun Fun Fun Fest, taking place the 5th, 6th and 7th of November, announced its line-up yesterday, and oh boy it’s a strong one. The annual indie, punk, hip-hop and hardcore festival held in Austin’s Waterloo Park is set to feature an assorted list of performers including Devo, MGMT, Slick Rick, Man Man, RJD2, Pharoahe Monch, The Hold Steady, Mastodon, Animal Collective’s Deakin, Bad Religion, GWAR and nostalgic 90’s funnyman “Weird Al” Yankovic.

This four stage festival is sure to delight many with its wide range of performers – see who else will be performing over the course of the three days after the jump.

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Lightning Bolt @ Khon’s Rooftop

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Lightning Bolt @ Khon's Rooftop

I’ve been meaning to get something up from the hot-as-hell rooftop Lightning Bolt show that took place at Khon’s a while back, a newer music venue in Midtown Houston, but it’s taken me this long. The show was noisy and the attendees were packed in like sardines as close to the thrashing two-some as they could possibly be. I secured my camera strap around my wrist, jumped into the pit and fortunately found a spot in between guitarist Brian Gibson and his stack of amps. Not the best place to take in the noisiest show I’ve been to in a while, but at least I could take some picture while not being raped by a pack of sweaty, smelly hipsters. As I snapped away, the duo, which also includes Brian Chippendale on drums and distorted vocals, eagerly fought off the crowd while destroying their brand of noise rock.

After escaping the mess, I enjoyed the show from the back of the crowd in the breeze of the humid Houston summer night with a cold Bombshell Blonde in each hand. I was dripping in sweat, but it didn’t matter because everyone else was too. It was a new experience for many in attendance, as Khon’s hasn’t been open for that long, and it was on a freaking rooftop with a perfect view of Downtown. I hope that Khon’s keeps having these rooftop musical events, but later in the year please, when it’s not 95 degrees at 11 pm.

As I mentioned, I happened to take a few pictures, even with sweat constantly dripping in my eyes. Check them all out after the jump.

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Joseph Israel & The Jerusalem Band @ George’s

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Joseph Israel & The Jerusalem Band @ George's

The day I got to talk to Joseph Israel, he had a show at George’s Majestic Lounge along with The Jerusalem Band. I couldn’t resist going back for more, after a great experience a couple of days earlier. I got to hear again some of the new material that will be released in the new album, possibly next Spring. Songs like “Soulution” and “Better Way” will most likely be on repeat on my player for a while once the new album’s out.

It was a great show and while enjoying it, I got a lot of photos for you. See more after the break.

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State Radio @ Wakarusa 2010

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State Radio @ Wakarusa 2010

Has it ever happened to you that you find a band that is the perfect fit for your taste in music and personality, but you go years before the realization hits you in the face and makes you wonder why you have never been to one of its concerts and don’t have the full discography in your music library? I ask you, because I really hope I’m not alone in this. It’s exactly what happened to me with State Radio at Wakarusa.

Continue reading and see the photos after the break.

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Mates Of State & Free Energy @ Warehouse Live

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Mates Of State & Free Energy @ Warehouse Live

I will never miss an opportunity to see Mates of State whenever they either come to town or perform at a festival I’m attending. Their brand of indie pop is tried and tested, and has been as consistent as any band I’ve seen perform on numerous occasions. Husband/wife duo Jason Hammell and Kori Gardner brought a couple of additional auxiliary instrumentalists for this performance to fill out their sound, and it made songs like “My Only Offer” and “Rearrange Us” take on many new dimensions.

They performed with a certain vigor, and made openers Free Energy look paltry in comparison – and I really enjoyed Free Energy’s energetic and youthful performance. Both bands provided quite a nice soundtrack for a packed weekday performance in Warehouse Live’s Studio. I happily drank and danced and sweated out what was still left in me from the previous weekends adventure to Atlanta for Phish’s Fourth of July run. This show, on top of the Edward Sharpe show we caught in Dallas a few days prior, was the perfect hangover cure for one of the best weekends ever.

I took a whole bunch of pictures of both Free Energy and Mates of State, which you can check out after the jump.

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Octopus Project @ Warehouse Live

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The Octopus Project @ Warehouse Live

Editors note: I want to welcome a new Houston-based writer to the fold, one I’m quite excited to have working with us here on BOT. Brett “Biscuit” Forsberg will hopefully be attempting several show reviews in the future, so keep your eyes peeled for his fluffy, buttery goodness.

The closer you can get to Octopus Project the better. Last night at Warehouse Live, and on their much smaller side stage, nowhere was too far away. Ryan, Josh, and Toto were clad in their usual white shirts and black ties, and Yvonne, the theremin and glockenspiel girl, looked fantastic as ever performing for her hometown. The ticket booth sold out after I purchased my ticket, but luckily there was no crushing pressure of some mainstream shows I have seen at Warehouse Live’s main stage. Read all about the show after the jump.

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Andy Frasco @ George’s

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Andy Frasco @ George's
Words and photos by B “Cafe Con Leche” Gutierrez

Fayetteville adores Andy Frasco. And as he told me right before he rocked the lounge at George’s Majestic, the feeling is mutual. Andy has been busy traveling around the nation, playing relentlessly and working on his new album. Gathering inspiration along the way, he’s learned to give his all in every show he plays. That night at George’s was no exception.

He was only traveling with R Bizzy (drums) this time, but he was supported by three Fayetteville musicians. If you didn’t know they had never played together, you wouldn’t know it. They did a great job that night and the music came together so naturally, that the mood was easy and fun. Everything started with one of Andy’s favorite covers, “Hit The Road Jack.” And from there, it went into a super jam party Frasco-style. His “Ramble Baby Ramble” brought the room alive and got him a lot of love from the crowd.

The party went on until a little before 2 A.M. when the lights at George’s came on. He sure left everyone ready for the week ahead. And him? He was ready to do it all over again the following night at another bar in town.

Check out the photos from that night after the break.

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The Octopus Project @ Granada

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the octopus project

The Octopus Project is a 4-member band (including husband and wife members, Josh and Yvonne Lambert) from Austin that plays indie electronic music with only a handful of lyrics on a few songs. They have been around since 1999, with their first major album released in 2002 (Identification Parade). All of the members play various instruments including guitars, drums, bass, keyboard, and the theremin, which is an instrument controlled by your contact to two different antennae’s – one for the oscillator and one for frequency. Check out the full review after the jump.

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A Conversation With… Joseph Israel

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A Conversation With... Joseph Israel
Photo by B “Café con Leche” Gutierrez.

Joseph Israel wrapped up his tour in Fayetteville, AR. His last show was at George’s Majestic Lounge on Sunday, July 11th. He took a few minutes to answer some questions for BOT before he hit the stage that night along The Jerusalem Band. Check out the conversation after the break and stay tuned for a photo review of his show at George’s.

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Ween – A Tear for Eddie @ Camp Bisco 9

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This past weekend, a major music festival took place: LCD Soundsystem, Raekwon, and Major Lazer all played. No, I’m not talking about Pitchfork… I’m talking about Camp Bisco 9, a surprisingly more-than-decent festival in Mariaville, NY built around a surprisingly less-than-decent band: The Disco Biscuits. Before any Biscuit kids jump down my throat, know that I’ve tried, I really have, and it just isn’t my thing. I respect the hell out of what they’ve done with the Camp Bisco lineup though, and I’m pretty sure I’d have guilty fun seeing the Biscuits live. Throw together another lineup like this year’s, and I might have to make the trip.

This year’s Camp featured Gift of Gab, Caribou, Girl Talk, Talib Kweli, Meth + Ghost + Rae, Thievery Corporation, RAQ, Holy Fuck, LCD Soundsystem, Diplo (both solo and with Major Lazer), and, best of all, Ween. Check out a video of Deaner ripping up “A Tear for Eddie,” his tribute to P-funk’s Eddie Hazel, below. And to all you Pitchfork hipsters… wise up and Hail the Boognish!

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