Colin Hay @ Granada Theater

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Colin HayWords by Ross “Flapjacks” Freauf. Photos by Anna “HashBrowns” Vernon.

First off, I’m a Scrubs fan and yes, I loved 2 of 3 Zach Braff movies. (sidenote: I am straight) Featured on his platinum selling, Grammy Award winning soundtrack Garden State, Zach re-ignited the career of former front-man of Men at Work, Colin Hay. On Sunday, July 11, Mr. Hay wrapped up his American Sunshine tour at Dallas’ own Granada Theater.

Candle lit tables filled the concert hall with patrons sitting and waiting patiently for the man “From a Land Down Under.” Colin took the stage wearing a shirt that looked as if he may have had it made from Napoleon Bonaparte’s bed sheets. He started off the show with a hit from his latest release Prison Time. After the first song I had no idea it would be 10 minutes until the next. Worthy of a stand-up comedy tour, Hay would go on to tell stories of his life growing up in Scotland, moving to Australia, smoking weed, Men At Work, smoking more weed, sitcom songs, and even havingSir Paul McCartney do his dishes. The stories were hilarious. I laughed, I cried, I hurled. I attribute the last one to the Mexican food I had prior to the show. Read on >

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A Conversation With… Andy Frasco

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A Conversation With... Andy Frasco
Photo by B “Café con Leche” Gutierrez.

Andy Frasco made his way back to Fayetteville, AR one more time before he goes into the studio to work on his next album. I was able to catch up with him for a few minutes before his show at George’s Majestic Lounge on July 11th. We talked about his new album, his experience opening for Jakob Dylan on June 23rd and about the music business for the independent artist. Read about our conversation after the break.

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Mates of State @ Granada

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Mates of StateWords by Melissa “Sausage” Cox. Photos by Anna “HashBrowns” Vernon.


Lovers of all things breakfast, I would like to introduce you to our new staff writer, Melissa “Sausage” Cox. Melissa is originally from Baytown but is enjoying Dallas to the extreme. We’re honored to have you join the musical melee, Sausage. –HashBrowns

Mates of State produces sugar-pop, harmonic melodies that I always put on when I want to be in a good mood. Not only is their music feel-good, but their story is too. The duo, made up of Kori Garner and Jason Hammel, met and played music together because they loved it, and, as such stories go, they fell in love and got married. Their first album was released 10 years ago, so the crowd at the Granada was quite a mixture of young and old, hipster and regular music lovers, and a little heavy on the females.

The night opened with a performance from a magician, which I sadly missed, even though I’m told it wasn’t very good. I also only caught the last 30 seconds or so of Free Energy, the opening band. I made my way down to the front for the show.

Mates of State’s beginning albums featured just the two of them in their drum/keyboard set-up. Their last few albums have a more robust sound with more instruments, so, for their live shows, they have two other people tour with them; one plays guitar and the other an assortment of instruments.

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Joseph Israel @ The Fayetteville Town Center

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Joseph Israel & The Jerusalem Band

Fayetteville native, Joseph Israel, made his way back home as part of the awesomeness known as the Gulley Park Summer Concert Series. Fayetteville Parks and Recreation puts together free concerts in the Summer, and this is the 14th year of this great tradition. The concerts are usually on Thursdays at 7pm at the park, but on July 8th there were a few storms over the area that moved the show to the Town Center. The change of location didn”t stop music lovers from coming out, though. There was a great turnout for Joseph Israel & The Jerusalem Band.

The rest of the review and photos after the break.

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The Giving Tree Band @ George's

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The Giving Tree Band @ George
Words by B “Cafe con Leche” Gutierrez. Photos by Nicole Riley.

After coming back from Wakarusa I thought I”d be OK to go without live music for a while, but after I got an update from @georgesmajestic about a no-cover Wakarusa Post-Party featuring The Giving Tree Band, I was all over it! So I called a couple of friends and headed over to George”s Majestic Lounge. I left my camera at home after being glued to it for four days straight at the festival, and keeping in mind with the 1500 photos I had to look through and edit. So I decided to take it easy and just go for the music.

You see, that night I thought I was doing my soul a favor by not taking my camera. But I was so wrong. About two songs into their set, I knew I liked The Giving Tree Band. Two songs later, I realized I had to write a review. It all came together when I saw someone taking photos of the show, after talking to her, Nicole agreed to showcase her photos on BOT. So this is my shout-out to Nicole Riley! Read the rest of the review and see Nicole”s photos after the break.

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Tom Waits | Step Right Up, 1977

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I re-watched one of my favorite movies last night, Coffee and Cigarettes, with one of my favorite people. As the title belies, the film is a series of vignettes centered on two of the oldest complementary vices. Some of the better scenes revolve around musicians, be it Jack and Meg White discussing a Tesla coil, the RZA and the GZA giving medical advice to Bill Murray, or Iggy Pop and Tom Waits awkwardly interacting over an excuse-laden cigarette. The scene with Tom Waits got me on a bit of a Waits-centric youtube kick, and I came across a performance that is, quite frankly, the epitome of cool: a 1977 performance of “Step Right Up” recorded in West Germany. Pour a cup of coffee, light up a cig, and enjoy.

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La Blogotheque Take Away Show: Mumford & Sons

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As a regular reader of BOT, you probably know that we’ve developed a serious affinity for French music video blog La Blogotheque. Not because of the writing, as I can’t read a lick of French, but because the regular posting of quality videos from a regular rotation of some of my favorite bands in the indie rock world. From Islands to Edward Sharpe, Arcade Fire to Bon Iver, they’re all on there, and they’re continually adding more and more as the weeks go by. One of the most recent videos in the series of Take Away Shows is one from British folk group Mumford & Sons, where they take their already brilliant song “Awake My Soul” and change it up for the video by learning and performing the chorus and a verse of the song completely in French. Nestled in a courtyard in front of an audience of one gazing out her apartment window, the quintet warms up with “The Banjolin Song” before finishing with the aforementioned “Awake My Soul.” I highly recommend spending the next ten minutes with this video… it’ll be the best decision you make all day!

Unfortunately, I had to sell my ticket to their performance in Austin a few weeks back, but I’m determined to see them in the very near future. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll add Houston to their tour itinerary during their next go-around of the States. If so, you’ll definitely see me getting my yolk on!


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Eggs’ Catch-Up Post!

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The Besnard Lakes & Stardeath & White Dwarves @ Walter's On Washington

For the past month or two, I have pretty much taken a step back from Breakfast On Tour and left it in the more than able hands of the rest of our staff. First off, thanks to Bacon, Toast, Hash Browns, Cafe Con Leche and the rest of the BOT crew for stepping up when I clearly needed a break. You guys are keeping this thing afloat, and it has been a great change of pace to view your work rather than just mine! After this last weekend, which several of the BOT crew spent getting their Phish on in Atlanta for the 4th of July, I have officially returned with full intentions of getting back into our daily posting routine, including regular posts such as The Video Omelette and BOT-approved shows of the week. Before I do that, though, I thought I’d like to share with you several photos from the past few months that just never made it on to Breakfast On Tour as of yet. I had the opportunity to shoot some great bands over the course of my BOT Hiatus, including Cypress Hill, Reflection Eternal, Everest, Minus The Bear, The Besnard Lakes, Stardeath & White Dwarves, The Most Serene Republic, Annuals and Damian Marley & Nas.

Soon, we’ll be posting photos and words about this last weekend with Phish, but for now check out my photos from all of the aforementioned bands after the jump.

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Kinetix @ Wakarusa 2010

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Words by HashBrowns. Photos by HashBrowns and Cafe Con Leche.


I will admit that Kinetix was not on my must-see list of Waka 2010 until James Searl of Giant Panda G.D.P. made a pretty good case to check them out. So I headed over a bit late from seeing State Radio, where people literally started running when they heard the sounds of Queen erupting from the Outpost Tent.

Queen wasn’t the only cover, Kinetix also played a kick ass “Killin in the Name Of” from Rage that had the entire tent jumping. The energy they put out gets a huge A+ from me, and made them infinitely better. Eric Blumenfeld on the keyboard is a welcome addition that elevates the sound from solid rock to a rock borne from funk. Cafe Con Leche was instantly in love with the bass player, Josh Fairman, who could win a look-a-like contest with Slash if he threw on the hat. Towards the end of the set, Adam Lufkin [guitar/vocals] went into a very respectable rap with dance moves to match. Check out the full review after the jump.

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Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad @ Wakarusa 2010

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Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad @ Wakarusa 2010

The first time I heard Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad was earlier this year at the G. Love & Special Sauce concert in Fayetteville (‘member that?). They were the opening act and I didn’t know anything about them. So I asked what kind of music they played, and a guy came over and said “it’s baby-making music.” That was my introduction to Giant Panda G.D.S. That guy was right, to certain extent, but after seeing them for a second time I learned they’re much more than just baby-making music. Read the rest of the review and see my favorite photos after the break.

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